Video game writer at The Indie Mine and creator of games blog THE NEXOS CLUSTER. Currently developing two games.

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Hello Desura community!

My page seemed kind of empty, so I decided to write up a bit. I go by Billie Wrex, I'm also known as DAIKAIJUZ, I've played games ever since I was a kid, but that was mostly Pokemon and Mario stuff back then.

Anyway, people have always told me I should be a writer, and my passion for games has only grown in the past couple years. So I figured I'd give writing about games a go, and now write reviews, spotlights, criticism, and so on about games. I also hope to eventually make a few games myself, but that'll come later.

You can read my writing on my games blog, THE NEXOS CLUSTER. I'm always looking for games to review, people to interview, and crowdfunding campaigns to bring attention to, so if you'd like me to give your game a look, e-mail me at nexoscluster [at] gmail [dot] com.

I also am currently a contributer to the The Indie Mine and have a few articles up there so far. The Indie Mine brings attention not only to independent games, but movies, books, and music as well.

I don't only write about video games though. I also write about other things (movies, tabletop games, tv shows, etc) at my other blog, WURRWALF.

Anyway, that's it for now. Thanks for looking!

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