Hey guys, CW3D here! I like to play games and draw. I made this Moddb account cause I was annoyed that I couldn't do comments and stuff like that on Moddb. I'm mostly on steam during the day and I do accept friend requests on there, but you must have a reason to why you want to be my steam friend, just comment on my profile to why and I may or may not accept. Thnx! :3

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Yes, I have recently decided to work on a Dangerous World Remake. I've got alot of ideas and many other things that "could" work in this possible remake. This remake will be done in the source engine (like Dangerous World already is) and it will contain many things from the unfinished project City 17: Episode One. City 17 kinda had the same "type" of character, a rebel. And City 17 had released the source code to anyone for them (the people who downloaded the source code) to make and use things from City 17 in their mod!

So, why are you remaking an already released mod?

Well there are alot of things in Dangerous World that I like, things I don't like and some things that I think need changing. I will hopefully be sprucing up Dangerous World with, you know, alot of new things like new areas, new music, animations, etc. The new areas being like the ones seen in City 17 Ep1 like "The Garage", etc. I'm also hopeing to add the unfinished Crab Synth boss from City 17 into Dangerous World before you get the car. Hopefully making a nice boss battle before the end.

So how's progress on this remake? Can you show us anything?

Progress? None atm. Show you anything? No. Here's why. I simply don't have my own computer to do my own stuff on. It's more of my parents' computer than anything. S*** all space atm, and just not the best for modding I guess. I also have NO modding experience what so ever and im still in school at the age of 15, so progress might be slow... maybe, idk! I promise you though. When I get MY own pc, ill let people know and that "something might happen soon". Who knows? Who knows when ill start working on this? Who knows what you might see from this? Who knows...

But, on that note, I think that I will end this here. This is my first time doing one of these and I enjoyed it! Thanks to those who read and ill see you guys next time! ^w^

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