I absolutely love games, mapping, scripting and everything associated to games! I specifically love Amnesia games (TDD & AMFP), so that`s the main reason I`m developing a Custom Story for Amnesia: The Dark Descent - AAMFP - Revelations. I`m a friendly, happy guy that loves to party and have fun, I like helping people and I just enjoy life as much as I can! ;D

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1 comment by Cveri on Sep 2nd, 2012

"This world is a machine.

A machine for Pigs!

Fit only for the slaughtering of pigs!"

Based on the newly popular sequel of A.T.D.D. - Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs - this CS will surely blow your mind! AAMFP - Revelations is following the story of the well-known AMFP protagonist - Oswald Mandus, a wealthy industrialist and butcher who kills pigs for money, then puts them back together with a plan to "save" the people of London from the terrors of the 20th century. You can expect many similarities to the original game, but not everything is the same. Each level is being made to be perfect in every way to give you the max. "I sh** my pants" experience!As previously mentioned, the CS is following the story of Oswald Mandus. The CS will try to answer you some FAQ about him like:

  1. "Why did he go to Mexico?"
  2. "How did he build a machine so big?
  3. "What happened to his wife and family?"

There are many more questions, but you get to solve those in-game ;D

For the time being, AMFP - Revelations is in the Alpha stage of development. The date of release is unknown, voice actors will be needed, but so far, so good! I will update you about the CS as frequently as possible! ;D

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0 comments by Cveri on Mar 2nd, 2012

Hi all!

Im inviting you all to our(my friends and I) clan- Croatian Game Alliance (C.G.A.)!
Its a clan mostly based on gaming or problem solving, so yes... we have a server.
We play mostly Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (CoD4), but we are thinking about some other games like Team Fortress 2 perhaps etc.
If you have ANY problems about some games, or something like that, we will try hard to solve it!
You can also chat with other people in our forums ;) !
For more info visit our website and forums (mostly forums :D)!

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