hi my name is chris and im 18. i love games especially on the computer because you can mod and change the entire game. my favorite game series is stalker (all 3 games) but my other favorites are fallout 3 and new vegas and hitman. i would love to be able to mod but i cant but i can come up with really good ideas for mods.

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great mod idea

2 years ago by cruefan94 0 comments

i was playing the stalker series and i came to realize basically everything is there to make a dayz type mod i have dayz but my computer has a hard time running it. my favorite game series is stalker and basically everything is there (food,hard to find guns(stashes), and zombies and other enemies). all you would have to do is remove the npc's and dealers and you have a dayz mod the only thing that should be accessible is someone to take you to the other areas. personally if i could mod i would make this myself but sadly i dont i can only come up with ideas if anyone is interested in this idea that would be awesome

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