Hello my name is Martin Weltchek aka CoZmicShReddeR I am the Founder and Leader of CozWorld and our beloved C7 Clan... I have been hosting servers since 1997 and loved it ever since... Our great community at CozWorld.com was forged in 2002 when I was hosting the Half Life One Coop Mod SvenCoop.. Originally I was hosting Quake II Coop but later decided to turn the website into a full blown community to support Gamers, Modders and anyone else that wanted to join in... We have had a lot of ups and downs but never completely sunk to the bottom!

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Life gets shorter when your racing to the top!

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Respect your fellow
gamers and always be kind to moders and developers as well as server hosts who
work hard to host, build, and design games, levels, code and make model for
your entertainment!

Over the years as a
game server host and clan leader I have heard it all and dealt with everything
from Racist gamers to hackers both in the game servers and websites I have
hosted over the years!

I would recommend
that we all do what we can to contribute to one another by looking out for
people who work hard in their spare time!

I host about 20+
servers and expect nothing in return even if I really don’t game anymore I
still like to host so show some respect. ;)

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