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CommanderDef 2hours 37mins ago says:

Of doings nothing - Czech logic:

Because who doesn't do anything, can't screw up. Who doesn't screw up is a good employee. Good employees get promoted. With promotion come more money. Who has money, doesn't have to do anything...

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CommanderDef 2hours 56mins ago replied:

And pretty rare, especially if you are 'inside' the Reich while these new weapons were transported on front as soon as possible. No way you could find that in munition storage here. Soviet airdrop supplies would be here before this gun can be any available.

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CommanderDef 16hours 21mins ago replied:

Me too. Let's start another, better one!

You stink.

+3 votes     media: Could've been the polish a-10
CommanderDef 16hours 25mins ago says:

Actually it depends if there would be the Munich Betrayal (and government's steps) in that alternate future.

Let's say history is not rewritten - I'm living in poor protectorate and want to do something against it. Maybe I manage to get into UK to join RAF as many pilots did. So I would fight with Spitfire (plane I don't like), or join some bombing squadron, to fly on Wellington. Target? Germans!

If I don't manage to get away, well, let's join some partisan cell. Steal German weapons and make some damage. I guess I would be happy with any gun I can get - partisans can't choose much. (I'm a big fan of poloautomatic rifles, such as SVT40, but German army sucked at this - so MP40 would make me happy enough.)

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CommanderDef Sep 14 2014, 10:14am says:

Italian 'heavy' Carro Armato P40, aka Skorpion tank in CnC Generals.

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CommanderDef Sep 10 2014, 4:10pm says:

What is this one? It looks a bit funny to me.

+2 votes     media: 30th August Victory Day Exhibition
CommanderDef Sep 8 2014, 2:35pm says:

B2, haven't changed my mind.

+2 votes     media: EU Drone Carrier concept
CommanderDef Sep 6 2014, 11:56am says:


+5 votes     media: Amen - IT WORKS!!
CommanderDef Sep 5 2014, 11:19am replied:

Like 82, I think.

+1 vote     media: Red Orchestra lagged
CommanderDef Sep 4 2014, 2:28pm says:

No 17!

+5 votes     media: What did I just watch
CommanderDef Sep 4 2014, 8:42am replied:

Actually, I think it's supposed to lure you to click on the provided link and make account on the site. You may pay some member fees, they got your mail and perhaps even get some nasty sucker program in your PC.

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CommanderDef Sep 4 2014, 8:38am says:

Does anyone know why some supply depots turn dark in replays?

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CommanderDef Sep 1 2014, 12:33pm replied:

Jenci, I recommend to look at some pictures from Kyjev demonstrations. You may notice Bandera flags. That was a nice guy from WW2 era...

There is never 'good boys' and 'bad boys'. I usually call them the bad and the worse. I would say that normal Ukrainians are now paying too much for replacing incompetent leader with too much active ones.

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CommanderDef Aug 31 2014, 8:58am says:

I like it. Now build it :)

+2 votes     media: Mig29 stealth-like
CommanderDef Aug 31 2014, 8:49am replied:

Pilots are soldiers, under commands from their higher officers. They are not responsible for this, leaders are. Flying over ares where your colleagues were shot down requires some balls...

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CommanderDef Aug 24 2014, 11:10am replied:

Pff, I16 has only one one drawback - it's engine falters in negative G-force.

+2 votes     media: Урра !
CommanderDef Aug 22 2014, 8:02am replied:

Yeah, slipping trough LaManche and fighting for RAF sounds a bit more logical than getting into Russia. I also wonder how they got there.

+1 vote     media: Flash from the past.
CommanderDef Aug 21 2014, 1:01pm says:

Who never tried to drink a sect underwater... ...can never understand.

+1 vote     media: Smile{dot}
CommanderDef Aug 20 2014, 9:04am replied:

Poslechni si někdy Jána Slotu, to člověka pobaví :)

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CommanderDef Aug 20 2014, 8:05am says:

Hello, thanks for the request.

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CommanderDef Aug 20 2014, 7:56am replied:

Afterall, that's what you used us for.

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CommanderDef Aug 20 2014, 7:54am replied:

Haha, to potvrzuje jistou Slovenskou teorii o tom co jsou Maďaři zač :)

+2 votes     media: Have a Hungaryball
CommanderDef Aug 20 2014, 7:40am replied:

Strange that you don't see the centuries the Slovak part was working for you and feeding you. It wasn't so bad for Czechs under Austrians, but Slovaks under your rule...

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CommanderDef Aug 18 2014, 5:57pm says:

The best reaction to this is three pics back...

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CommanderDef Aug 18 2014, 5:54pm replied:

Decides to WHAT??

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CommanderDef Aug 18 2014, 5:50pm says:

They said I will sit there until I eat it all...

+2 votes     media: Smile{dot}
CommanderDef Aug 16 2014, 1:55pm says:

Tropico 4 on steam with -99%. Enjoy. Yes, I bought a gift...

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CommanderDef Aug 15 2014, 11:01am replied:

Agreed, B2.

+9 votes     media: Drone control truck variants
CommanderDef Aug 13 2014, 6:17am replied:

But I saw Abrams on your video. Even EE has Abrams and Leo2.

BMPT is infantry BAN in forest or city. I destroyed LaFayette withe two of them yesterday. The guy came close for the autocannon, getting his ship slowly damaged and panicked.

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CommanderDef Aug 12 2014, 3:48pm replied:

Exactly... I uploaded this after loosing a game by getting sniped with this. What I hate about it is that it has no real counterpart, it's missile is almost invisible - while any counter-battery would shine as the volley of missiles are trying to reach it's position.

So, yeah, I want SCUD. The B and D version has same range as this in RL.

+1 vote     media: SCUD B for Soviets!
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