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0 comments by CommanderCody212 on Aug 2nd, 2011

That's right grunts, I'm back and I'm here to see more modding action for RAW, ARC Troopers and more!
And that mod I was talking about for BF1 came out a month ago, and it's a kick ass mod!
Better then BFX 2.2 I think! Cody is in that mod, and I just love playing as him everytime he's in a map. It's awesome to play with the Z-6, I just lie down somewhere and fire it as of it were a MG-42!

Ah I love that mod...

Report abuse DisneyLand Resort in CA.

0 comments by CommanderCody212 on Mar 26th, 2011

Are you going to DisneyLand?

Well if you are you might have questions like:

How many people will be there that day?

What rides should we get on?

What time of day is it best to ride a ride?

Should I waste time to watch a show?

Is waiting in line going to be worth it for the ride?

Best place to eat?

How long are the lines most of the time?

What are some short cuts that I can take?

Should I watch the firework show?

These are just some questions that you might have if you are going.

Well I go a lot with friends and family, I'm like a walking park map, they always ask me the shortest way to get around.
So if your going to D-land and you have questions about it, I can try helping you by answering them.

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