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coldrice Dec 11 2014, 7:00am says:

Wow! Interstellaria made it! What a great surprise!

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coldrice Nov 19 2014, 12:07am replied:

There is code in game right now to do that actually, however it's fairly difficult to control all your crewman one at a time

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coldrice Feb 11 2014, 6:02am replied:


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coldrice Nov 7 2013, 11:40am replied:

Fixed, yikes!

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coldrice Sep 22 2013, 5:25am replied:

The "tutorial" included is a bit sparse I know. Unfortunately my tutorial system that I was working on had broken code so I couldn't include it.

In the next build it'll be a lot more hands on to help the player

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coldrice Sep 21 2013, 3:37am replied:

First - I'll make it easier. I just need to redo the player "click box".
Second - I'll look into it. Odd behavior
Third - Remember this isn't even an alpha build- its just the basics. Descriptions will be added next build though just for you ;).

Yes, I have plans to allow players to mod it. For now, a lot of things are kinda "hard coded" and so un-accessable to the player. When I'm actually in alpha status and a little more feature complete you'll start seeing things pop up in the folders than can be edited and changed.

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coldrice Sep 20 2013, 6:48pm replied:

I'm working towards a build where you can save/load and it'll just randomize the limited number of enemies/planets so you can play it indefinitely. The actual game will, of course, have a lot more gameplay

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coldrice Aug 30 2013, 10:34pm replied:

Working in it! Player feedback has been almost essential!

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coldrice Aug 23 2013, 11:59am replied:


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coldrice Aug 22 2013, 4:26pm replied:

Sorry to disappoint but there is no ship construction. HOWEVER there is plans for a lot of variety in the kind of ships you can purchase - both human and alien!

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coldrice Aug 16 2013, 3:40pm replied:

The engine and hull of the ship is set - however you are allowed to buy and sell your ships at will in the game :) I plan to make many unique hulls!

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coldrice Jul 29 2013, 11:53am replied:

Price is a bit tbd right now - but the alpha demo I want to finish by September (hopefully) will be free!

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coldrice Jul 27 2013, 1:31am replied:

This very short play test of the planet exploration part - yes.

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coldrice Jul 27 2013, 1:22am replied:

Thanks! Someone on reddit pointed it out to me earlier. It turns on it wasn't firing on collision for the BOTTOM of an object - so its treating the "roof" as a floor! Meaning it pops the player to the top of it. Funny!

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coldrice Jul 26 2013, 3:16pm replied:

Yikes - thanks for the feedback! I'm going to adjust the jumps about 1 tile width less. The easy jumps are too hard and the hard jumps are impossible. He needs a meek jump since jump upgrades aren't until much later

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