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We are a small rugged indie team from Queensland, Australia. Here you can find information and updates about the games we are working on.

0 comments by CoffeeInfused on Apr 11th, 2014

Hi Everyone,

We've put Nova Scotia on indefinite hold.  The project wasn't working as well as we had hoped, it turned into something we were just doing for the sake of finishing and we felt like that if we were no longer passionate about it we couldn't give you all something to be proud of.  So we've dropped it for now and started focusing on something new.

Project Whiskey Chaser is our latest project, we love it, it's exciting and fun and we're actually passionate about it.  We've set up a new game page and started uploading images and a few other tidbits to start.  We really hope you follow along as we feel like it's something that a lot of people will enjoy. 

Essentially it's in the style of a runner game, only set in a snow maze.  You've fallen down a crevasse in the ice and now you're running for your life.  I've attached a few concept shots below, there's some current environmental images as well as our protagonist.

The Protagonist

The Protagonist

Intro + The Environment

Intro + The Environment

Have a great weekend!


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0 comments by CoffeeInfused on Dec 6th, 2013

Hi Guys! 

Nova Scotia is coming along nicely.  We've added another member to the team to help us with some more programming.  With this addition we'll hopefully still be able to release on time or close to our original planned time.  Ben has been hard at work making the models for the antagonists and they are looking fantastic.  Jacob's put together an amazing stealth and detection system which will contribute to the score challenge.  Everything is coming together nicely.

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend,

Maddy + Coffee Infused

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0 comments by CoffeeInfused on Jul 12th, 2013

Hi All,

We've started work on our second game. We're going smaller this time to fit around work and study commitments. We're also making this game for the iPhone and Android market, so it will be more accessible than our previous one. Our aim is to have a basic prototype ready by December, this will give us the holiday break to put some hard hours into bug fixing and futher development.

From this point on we will be more active with the IndieDB updates as we have something solid to show. So if you're even somewhat interested so far, stick around :)

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0 comments by CoffeeInfused on May 29th, 2013

We've come a long way from our first concept.  So we thought we'd share some of our earlier stuff with you, so you can see how we started and just how much has changed.

We started out with a grave yard, little girls and hell hounds

(You can see some of our first Creeper designs in the background of this one, they spent their time upside down floating around)

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0 comments by CoffeeInfused on May 25th, 2013

Inferos is complete!

After nearly a year of work we have a functioning game.

Both the windows and mac version can be found under the downloads tab.

We really hope you enjoy it, and if you happen to find any issues with the game please let us know. 

Now we move onto our second project, with a lot more experience and knowledge to bring you an even better game.

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0 comments by CoffeeInfused on May 17th, 2013

As we come to the end of our game making process I've started noticing how many things I'm going to miss.

We're crazy happy that the game is nearly done, it's really odd thinking that in about a months time our calendars will free up a little.  After spending the last year meeting up in the same place every Monday, Tuesday and weekend, it's going to be weird just not doing that anymore.

Of course we're still going to be having weekly meetings and planning sessions for our next project.

This is where we've been getting a lot of our work done by the way, still dark as our hardworking producer/animator is having a nap under the tables after a full night of work,

Which brings me to my "Things I'll Miss" list:

  • Getting locked out of the room because our access had been revoked over weekends
  • Getting denied new access cards, so having to rely on our one lone team member with access to let us in
  • Coming in of a morning to find multiple people sleeping under desks or in back rooms
  • The piles of empty energy drink cans from LAN's the night before
  • The gentle hum of 20 computers waiting to be used
  • Crashing programs, over and over
  • The LoL players diligently playing their games around us
  • The look on peoples faces when we tested the bone and flesh crusing noises
  • Watching a certain few testers do everything possible try to break the game (with many succeeding)

This has been our first project as a team, it's been a long process, but overall I think we're happy with how everything has gone. 
Keep an eye out over the next week or two and we'll be uploading our finished product.  As small as it may be, we'll have a fully functioning Hub and level.  It has enough content to provide around 40 minutes of gameplay just doing the basic tasks.  We really hope you all enjoy it.Time to go back to work,Coffee Infused

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0 comments by CoffeeInfused on May 10th, 2013

Hey Guys,

The newest Alpha is out and we'd love for you to play it.  You can find it under the downloads tab.

There's a few more upgrades in, a win condition and a bunch of bug fixes overall.

We're moving onto the publishing phase of the game, so any future updates to it will just be polishing and bug fixes.

Have fun!

Coffee Infused

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0 comments by CoffeeInfused on May 4th, 2013

Hey Guys,

We'd like to thank everyone who tested for us, left feedback and offered recommondations over the last 4 weeks.

We've been able to greatly improve our game and offer a much better playing experience.  We've still got a lot of work to do before it's ready for release.  But we're confident that it will be done on time.  We're still aiming for a June/July release. 

Every alpha we make from this point on will be available here for you to download and play.  Hopefully you'll be able to notice our progress and updates and see how it differs from the previous.

Also we've been working on the Creeper!

Have a great weekend,

Coffee Infused

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0 comments by CoffeeInfused on Apr 14th, 2013

Interested in playtesting Inferos?  Take a look here.  Testing will take 30-40 minutes, you're welcome to stay longer if you like.  We've tried to make it as a short as possible as we realise you're going out of your way to help us.

We'd prefer in person testers if you're able to the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.  It's important that we observe you, your mannerisms and vocalisations during your testing period.

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0 comments by CoffeeInfused on Apr 13th, 2013

We've started testing!
We're really excited about it.  The feedback we've been getting so far has been really good, criticisms and all.  Every little thing is helping us improve Inferos and make it a better game overall.
Here are some screenshots of the most recent build.