I love video games and play them most of the time. i mostly play steam games eventhough steam is a ghastly program that should be blasted into the sun!!! I play alot of Counter Strike and Team Fortress 2. The rest of the Time im modding my steam with bits and bobs from Moddb :) If you want to add me to Steam my Steam friends name is "Kipo" please add me, the more the merrier! :D. If you don't want to add me than the hell with you, I don't like you either haha ^_^. Oh Xbox LIVE gamertag is "KipoTheYeti" again go for it, I love to play games, I don't care who with.

3 comments by Cloud6556 on Jan 27th, 2008

Steam...steam...steam...steam.... -.-

Steam has to be the most poorly made program in the world and the trouble is were stuck with it! Thats right if you want to play Half Life 2, CS:S, TF:2 or any of these great games you are forced, yes forced! To install this abomanation of a program and run the through it, now if you havent had a problem with your steam let me tell you that you are blessed but it is only a matter of time before it happens. The first time I had steam I thought it was great, amazing games, cheap prices and a good friends network, that was before it broke and erased all of my friends, servers, games and well everything. I re-installed it and tried again, 2 months later it breaks again and I have to buy all of my games again because Steams customer support is so poor this is what they suggested straight away!! Why should I pay again?! I didn't break it! Their incompetance and shoddy designing ruined MY fun! I should be the one who gets money from them! Istead of buying it again! But I digress, it broke a second time and that put me off steam for a good long while, about 8 months actually, last month I reinstalled it because I realised that a life without Counter Strike is a boring one and it is working beautifully...for now -.-. Ok rant over back to mods :)

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0 comments by Cloud6556 on Jan 23rd, 2008

Ok heres the deal. I really, really can't wait for Black Mesa to come out. But im tired of how long its taking, i mean ive been following it for a good year or so, and I don't mind this but they keep saying that its gonna be out soon, and it just wont be, next time release some Beta's for gods sake. Ok rant over. other than that though it looks bloody amazing and I think thats why im getting so bothered over it =S

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