I'm a average guy who's full of ideas and concepts and hopes that one day he will make a game that people will remember. :) <-----(smiley face) Tho according to my friends i might be remember for Poetry?

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Hey All XD.

Now I think you may have notice that I'm lazy... I'm pretty sure I've said this once or twice before ??? Argh It's been to long to remember.

Anyway on to the main bloggy-ness of this blog. I've have recently brought a Ripstik ( This may have nothing to do with Mods and Games and St00f But... It's my blog XD )...So Continuing on with the story......I was riding down an Incredibly wind street and notice the speed I was getting from it so...I fashion my jacket into a Sail ! and HEY PRESTO !!! I was flying down the street at an awesome rate.

Down side about doing this is that:

  • You have to be with the Wind
  • And you have to live in a very windy city/town

But Besides that it's AWESOME!!!

Well that's it from me anyway.

Till Next XD




chimpster Blog

Not much has happen the last few months, except for getting a new computer!!! finally I no what its like to play on 4GB of RAM and not 512MB (<----My Old Computer)

So because of that, I have been busy doing stuff like installing games and all that on my computer. Also I have just recently been able to get stuff from my old hard-drive on to my new one.

which meant that I could start to work on the Map which I need to name. (What do you think about "The War Heart Of China?)

So all in all it been pretty good, here a screen-shot of the current progress.

Progress Finally

Return to Reality

chimpster Blog

Today i have some good news!

After spending about a week playing games that I've brought from my holidays in Australia, i decided that that today i was going to finish my Train Yard map.

So later Today i should be able to upload it (if nothing goes horribly wrong while i test it) and you will be able to try it for yourselves. :)

And here are some Pics of it.

Train Yard Train Yard

Train Yard


Well if your not, then you have probably not played the game at all or you don't have a sense for good games.

currently I've unlocked 306 characters out of 320 ... i think, and I've beaten the game more than a few times. The Demon character would be my most favorite because it's so universal!

Halogen Mod

chimpster Blog

Hey, i'm pretty sure you guys have heard of the Halogen Mod? No?

Well it was a Mod for Command & Conquer Generals Zero hour that turned it into the Halo universe. It looked REALLY good! but sadly i didn't find it soon enough because a few weeks before Halo Wars was going to be released Microsoft decided to ban the mod and make it illegal because they said it will affect there Marketing of Halo wars. What the heck?

This is really disappointing because the mod was made like a year before Halo Wars and Microsoft didn't care about it then but when they do decided to make their own RTS of Halo they Ban the best Halo RTS there is in the World and replace it with a Worst one and they also make it only for the Xbox 360 too! >:/

This is a reason why Microsoft can be a Big greedy company who pick on the small people.

--Got to hate when your bored on the weekend and you ask people to come over or something but they say they are busy--


Have you ever had one of those moments when a great idea for a game just POPS into your head? Well I've just had one of moment and my great idea would be a Realistic Sim.

Where you mange a City, build it up and all the usual but the factors of Climate change will be affecting your decisions and you will be affecting climate change too. I'm not sure whether it should be turn based or Real time. One of the factors that will be interesting to face will be the sea level rising because if your city is on island thats only a few centimeters from the sea level and then the sea rises a few meters! what do you do then?

Well thats only a idea, i have others but i'm saving them for when i start making my own games in the future :).

--lemonade apples don't! taste like Lemonade!--


Xbox 360 or PS3?

chimpster Blog

Now this is going to be interesting. the big question that defines who you are, who you hang with and what console you have. Do you like the Xbox 360 or the PS3?

now i prefer the Xbox 360s because they mainly focus on the game's and not all the other things that the PS3 has(e.g internet surfing, videos and basically the same things a computer does!) I have this friend who's dads only reason to buy a PS3 was to surf internet.....they have Four! computers and Two! laptops its like....what the heck?

My other reason for preferring the Xbox 360 is that it has some pretty good RTS(Real Time Strategy) game that the PS3 doesn't have, like Supreme commander 1 and 2, command and conquer 4, 3 and Kane's wraith and Red Alert 3.

so which console do you prefer? Xbox 360 or PS3?


Desktop Virtual Pets

chimpster Blog

Who here has a virtual pet (or pets) on their desktop?

and if you don't know what at virtual desktop pet is. (Disappointing) they are a virtual pet that live on your desktop....pretty simple? no?

If your thinking about getting one then do! i got my ones for here (Goldfiles.com if the link doesn't work tell me and i'll fix it.) they have lots of them like....Esheep,Felix,Neko and many more(i have got all those ones they are awesome!)

And i know they are old, but no one makes things like that anymore(i don't think?) but i think that Virtual desktop pets should make a come back, and with today's technology they could make them Sooooo much Awesome-er.

Don't trust a Chimpanzee!


i'm guessing that you all have played a Need for Speed game sometime in your life? Yes?

well have you ever had the problem of when your winning a race and then you have a minor crash and the AI racers zoom past you but when you try to catch up with them, they seem to be getting further and further away no matter how hard you try.
Have you ever had this problem?

It's so frustrating!

Hello out there! (echo echo)

well anyway today i was with my friend and his dad and we were going out to the shooting range in the bush to try out his new Rifle, and man was it good his dad got a group of three shots the size of a fifty cent coin from 200 meters! then later me and my friend got to use the mini MP-30(i think thats what it was called) to shoot a target about 50 meters away and out of 10 shots i got about 3 or 2 hits.(remember first time here).

so anyway that was about it, and now i'm at home on computer just doing things and stuff.

From your blogger who's most likely hundreds of kilometers away


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