I am just a guy who started off on ModDB as a noob, I gained some stuffs and ready to change.

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Hi guys, It's Chillius Bower here with a new post.

So back in 2011, This was me.
Hello Im Going 2 Make A Po_Edit map
and then 2012 came and I had some Okay, grammar.
"Hello, I'm Still Capatilising"
2013 came and all of my grammar changed.
"Just read the blog post to see my grammar :P"

But now... 2014... is the year of biggest change of all.

Introducting... Right now...

Inspired by Spongylover12345.

Aperture Forgotten

The mod that remakes the original beta of Portal 2 from PAX 2010.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and watching me change all over the years.

It's me again!

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I have a new mod in the works, It is based off of spongylover's remake of the E3 Version of Portal 2, this time downloadable!

Making a new map!

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Today. I logged onto my PC and loaded portal 2 authoring tools. i am going to make a quick map about how i can map :P.


Since all i get is criticism. maybe i should show what i can do
btw i don't care about anything. i just want to make a map!


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I Saw it (im not dead) but this nasty tornado hit UK and swear me it nearly killed me
(i never had a tornado shelter) i saw the funnel cloud (multiple vortex)
sorry i have no videos soooooryyyyy but it was on the news and it hit my old 1997 school but luckily it was too reliable it hit and killed 2 people and injured me with 2 scabs (dont laugh) I Was Acctually Hurt Debris Was Thrown And Broke My Window I Cant However Go So Someone Let Me In There Shelter Luckily My House Wasn't Gone So I Was Safe But Injured

(It Hit On 5th Of August 2011)

Im Making Maps With Hammer Editor

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Im Learning Hammer So No Comments On My Profile Saying You Suck Po_edit_03/4 Sucks I Am Not And Expert But Comeone I Have To Learn Guys So I Will Be Uploading Mods And Addons By Hammer Probaly Boxes On Addons And Youtube.com So That Map Was By Hammer Than i Might Recreate The Map Please Wip Maps Are Announced And Are Not Easy Game I Made

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