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Hmm, although I was kinda disappointed in my last blog as I believe people weren't that interested in my mod anymore, the last update received the largest activity since I started this mod. Quite some people watched the images and read the update. It was kinda cool to see. Although now I have to make sure I don't disappoint people with the next update. :P Though I'm kinda sure I won't. I should have two brand new Covenant ships done along with a piece of artwork made by me plus I'm going to be asking for feedback from you all on which two UNSC ships are the ugliest and you dislike the most so I might remodel them.

Anyway, I finished modeling the Ascendant Justice, but I'm not entirely sure if I like it or not. I suppose I'll just texture it and I'll see what you all think of it after the update and then decide on what to do. I'll start texturing her this weekend if all goes well along with starting on the second ship I'll present in the update; the CDJ class Destroyer. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I'll also be adding a ship from Halo Wars that I hadn't made yet.

Anyone else seen the E3 presentation of Halo: Reach? It showed us that Halo: Reach will show us another Covenant ship, a corvette. It looks interesting but I might change the model once I model it as it has a weird ring underneath it that I don't like. And who knows, perhaps they'll show us even more new models. I've also seen a new drydock model so I'll also make that. I will still keep the shipyard I already have though.

That's it for now, just put my thoughts down here. Nothing special but it should give you all a little insight in what's to come.


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