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Whats after 0.9? 0.10 of course!
1/3 of one is complete.
The thing is that I only get 4 hours per week to work on the map. Sometime even zero!
I will work on getting media done for tomorrow I promise!
One is basically a laser map featuring 2.5 times more catchers than lasers! Hard, not medium anymore, HARD

0.10 END


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Hey everyone who reads my blogs! ( possibly no one)
Im officially making a map. Actually, not like ALL my other maps that I abandoned.
Name will be "One", Yes one again, last one was abandoned THIS ONE WILL BE RELEASED.
Pics coming during the weekend!

Also, I am serving as a Lab Rat supporter. Take a look at the mod! I may make another map after One for them.


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It's been a looooooooooonng time...
Things have changed, even the subatomic particles that makes us.

You know what? I have a new idea! *Evil scientist laugh*...

Mod: Portal Lab Rat

I will say nothing else, except that you should expect a surprise soon...

And that I will be working with Omega/Cakemaster98/Cakebot98/Cocoabeans98 ( you know, the creator of HAA ) for this mod.

PM me if you want to help.

EDIT: I was too slow...

0.8 END


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Hum... I think the best plan now is to make an idea, and just stick around 'til Portal 2 comes out...
I may give up One as I did on every other stuff I started... But Im gonna try to finish what I started for the first time...

Currently deciding main idea...

Either a company aside from Aperture Science or a separate enrichment center, or something like that.

But to gain popularity, I think I should just make normal maps for portal first, than the mod.

0.7 END


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Since a couple of days ago, I decided to start working on a new mod.
You wake up in a relaxation vault and start doing puzzles. ( Basically like Portal, but harder and a different story). Theres a lot to be decided, for example, the name, the place, the time, etc...
Map One and the followings will be the mods levels.

I may continue Short-Circuits as it is one of my "dream" mods that I want to make but it will probably be on portal 2.

0.6 END


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The end of spring break is today... It isnt the right time to give bad news...

So... I feel like Absolute and Short-Circuit will NOT be able to continue for the reason that portal 2 is just behind the corner...

Worked a lot on One this week, so i think I will complete that map by the end of next week and maybe even start working on Two.

0.5 END


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Tomorrow should have been the release of my "signage pack" for portal. Unfortunately I decided to keep it for personal use.

I will plan on making maps named One, Two, Three and so on for a mod or a map-pack in the future. Currently, I will release One soon and two following shortly. If the public ( You guys!) Support these maps I will continue...

I did not advance in Absolute and Short-Circuit and this may continue for a while sadly.

0.4 END


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Some stuff:

I worked on Absolute a lot this week, enough to finally have media! The textures are not final yet ( very not ) but I'm working on a new puzzle element: Gravity Field or some other fancy name. This area will pull or push people towards or away a platform. My signage pack has also advanced a lot. The official release of it will be 27th of this month.

Important stuff:

Looking for new kinds of puzzle elements ( and puzzles ) for absolute! The users who submitted the elements will be credited!

0.3 END


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As you know ( if you're on MAL ) my portal BARELY works ( yes, it actually worked ) so from now on, Omega/Cakemaster 98 will be helping me take snapshots and test my maps.

I made some progress on Absolute ( finished level 02 ) and also some on my Signage pack but it seems that Short-Circuits will be dead for a while. After I will release Absolute Beta and my signage pack in March/April, I will start hiring some mappers and texturers and I will work on my concept "Cold textures" an opposite of Blue Portals "Warm textures". The Cold concrete will be white and blueish while the Cold metals will be grayish .

0.2 END

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