Hi, I like to do all sorts of things like; bike riding, gaming, mapping, talking with friends, positive feedback (keep that in mind!), Russian, hiking and a lot of other stuff that I can't think of right now!

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0 comments by VioletStar on Feb 20th, 2011

Please take the time to visit my website: Sites.google.com

You can download some of the content I have made for various things.
You can also find some of my videos there too.

If you wish me to upload any other content i've done onto the website, the send me a request e-mail at:

I try to check my e-mail every day, but don't panic if I don't respond within two or three days.

Also, please have a look at my YouTube channel.

I've put a fair amount of work into the vids that I made, but no one wants to comment or even WATCH THEM!

Report abuse The Perfect HL2 SP Mod

0 comments by VioletStar on Jan 12th, 2011

Hi everyone,

If there was to be a perfect singleplayer Half-Life 2 mod, what would it be like?
What might some of it's features be, and what kind of story do people like?

It could be total, unscripted chaos.

It might be a well thought of story, with not much gameplay, but excellent scenes.

It could be fully focassed on gameplay and not much more.

Your help, ideas and opinions are all welcome and encouraged.

- Violet Star

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