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Arktwend - The Forgotten Realm

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Probably one of the best mods for Morrowind at this time, especially wonderful work done on the immersive cities and distinctive landscapes, completely different visually speaking than the original game.
The only particular aspect is that the overall design is more linear and offer less possibilities for free exploration in the wilderness but this detail is quickly forgotten after few hours of gameplay.

For your information this mod is a "total conversion", meaning like a new game based on the Morrowind game engine's mechanisms replacing Vvardenfell and thus requiring to start a new character.
Also most of the mods existing are not compatibles with Arktwend, except pluginless and graphics mods (such as textures, meshes replacers, MGE XE...).

In resume, interesting plot, immersive places, uniques and refreshing landscapes, a masterpiece of modding!


Desert Region 2: The Final Frontier

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