The world's natural resources have been exhausted. The U.S. government has ordered all remaining resources to go into research and development to rapidly grow the dying plant life in the world. Multiple science labs across America have begun independent research on the best course of action. One of the teams is led by Dr. Reed. His lab has found a concoction that can be used as a chemical weapon; the lab is divided on if this experiment should be pursued. Dr. Reed's assistant Aiden is used as a patient zero and is injected with the compound that produces rapid growth. The experiment fails. The lab they all worked in has been contaminated. The plants that were used to test, rapidly increase in size.... and hunger. The lab is destroyed and the lucky scientists are the ones that get crushed by falling debris and not eaten by the carnivorous plants. The plants' vines pierce through the ground and reach a nearby dam which expedites the growth of the plant menace ten fold.

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Exodus_Game Jun 3 2011, 5:30am says:

Thanks it means a lot

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Exodus_Game Jun 1 2011, 5:40pm says:

******* Awesome dude nice work

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Exodus_Game Jun 1 2011, 5:31pm says:

I'm BACK!!! Sorry been gone for to long working on another game as well, will have more videos for Exodus and the next upcoming game I'm working on. ohh yeah and a updated download of the game

Thanks for all the support

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Exodus_Game Jun 1 2011, 4:20pm replied:

Fail it is not NOOB

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