I am a 17 year old highschool student from Oslo, Norway. I have been modding for five years and has established a indie game company with some friends at school. ActFun is our company, and we are now working on project Tundra. I love the RTS genre, and that's why we make this game, to have fun ;)

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Oslo Startup Weekend

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Hi, folks!

Our little gamecrew are going to the OSW!

It's has already been London Startup Weekend in Europe, but finaly they came to Norway!

We have all of the concept finished and ready for getting shipped out to the audience through ActFun,
but we will not publish anything on ModDB untill we are totally finished with every troop or structurthat we are publishing.

see you in the field!


Brage Blog

hi folks!

I have some very great news, We have established a company, it´s called ActFun
and will soon came out on the open market.

We will soon hold our first presentation in front of some norwegian investors!
AND of course we have renamed the title to: Project Tundra (until now)!

have fun, and news will be published more often soon!

Project: Concept log #1

Brage Blog

Well, how should I put this...?

I've been working on a project for the last 2 months, however, it's still just in concept-phase! The working title is: "The 9 Worlds!" and it has a lot to say for the main story and the main concept, so only the working name should give you something to wonder about!

I am now sure it will not be a mod, but will instead be a small game, with the Unity3D Engine! I have played a lot with the Unity engine and am now very impressed over the possibilities in this engine!

I am the only one in the crew and want more crew members. Send me a private message if you want to work together with me on the project! I need all the help i can get! Yes; I want newbies, because I'm a noob myself and it's funnier to learn together and have fun!

See you in the field!
Brage S.

Fallen Angel = Dead!

Brage Blog

Fallen Angel = Dead!

We have tried to have progress in the map-pack Fallen Angel to CoH: Opposing Front, but we was to
lazy and now, the great idea is dead. We are sorry if someone actually is sad because of this. But we are to "noobish" to make a mod map-pack in a "to advanced" engine and editor.

But, we are trying to collect a much bigger crew, because we will actually make something new for Unity or MOD, so expect to see us in the future...

I have also not written any reviews or logs/blogs in a long time, but I have allot to do at school for the time so I hope you understand.

See you in the field
Brage S. [Leader and PR]

Review Blog #1

Brage Blog

Review Blog #1

The last week i have tried some a lot of new games, and two mods.
But I have school to priority first, but will write some reviews on Friday or Saturday, Seven a clock [Norwegian time].

Developer Blog #2

The Development is slow, but the status plans and modeling are looking good. I am trying to learn Sibeluis 6 for making some real soundtracks ;D. The soundtracks are in Sibeluis quality, but they work fine, now I just have to make i through 10 tutorials in Sibeluis D:

See you in the field

Brage S. PR-Leader

Fallen Angel Dev #1

Brage Blog

Dev Blog #1

Fallen Angel Dev:

We are have all the planes ready, but we are taking some kind of pause from leveling.

We shall try to hold on to some HQ textures in the maps (720p-> 1080p).
The maps shall be as experiencing as possible!

We are trying to learn more about the CoH engine, and some basic coding!

See you in the field ;D


Brage Blog


The development of the Fallen Angel map pack to CoH: Opposing fronts

The descriptions are ready, and we have some few concept arts, but it is not enough to make the maps!

What we have decided is:
The map pack should be called:

Fallen Angel

the maps should be:

  • Bad Landing
  • Forest Run
  • The Angel
  • The City
  • The Fallen

This is the maps! We are now working on the "longer descriptions" and the "core" is finish!
I will be making some kind of Development Blog! Yes it should be here as Blog!

See you in the field!

Firing up the Blog!

Brage Blog

Hi folks!

I am just firing up the blog. This is where i will tell everything happening in our Mod and Map-packs...

Today and tomorrow i will be installing all the programs needed for modding CoH (it is a lot).
I have come 1/4 of the manuscript with all the ideas!... just wait it will be fun...

The map-pack will probably come out 21th June. I will maybe change the date after how much we progress the next weeks. The Pack will hold some Maps (5-10) and some of the art for the MOD.

See you in the field

Brage [Team PR leader]

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