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KarlKarlJohn Sep 15 2011, 7:18pm says:

Yeah, it's a Tron style light bike game. I've just added some screenshots so that should give you a better idea. It'll be released soon so check it out if you're into Tron or even know what Tron is...personally while working on Flashbike I learned a ton of people (friends and family) have never heard of Tron, lol.

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KarlKarlJohn May 16 2009, 12:25pm replied:

We hope to have something for you soon. PS3 is definitely one of our goals and we'd like to make it a priority.

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KarlKarlJohn May 2 2009, 10:25am replied:

The sword you design will be wielded by its owner with one hand. Swords can be of any size in the Coda universe though so anything from a dagger sized blade up to a buster sword would be fine. Swords in Coda should not be energy weapons, for example lightsabers. However, eventually the swords in Coda will glow as they are charged with the various elements, fire, water, earth etc. So if your sword has parts that can glow that would be good otherwise eventually the whole sword will glow. If still in doubt thinking along the lines of Final Fantasy may help.

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KarlKarlJohn Apr 25 2009, 12:59pm replied:

Thanks. I put up a couple more pics of that same showdown in our images gallery. If I'm not mistaken I'm the character on the left and it ended with me getting fairly owned. Still had a good time playing though.

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