I'm a senior management major at Mizzou, graduating in May.

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Conceptual time

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And so it begins. I'm in the concept stages of my mod... well it doesn't have a name as of now, but it will one day, I promise! I've posted a couple work in progress images from my first map. I'm waiting to make a mod page with more information until I have at least one map 100% complete as well as some custom models.

Hello Moddb!

BonKerz Blog 0 comments

Hello moddb community! I have finally made of profile after surfing this site almost every day for the past few months. Modding video games is so interesting to me. Mainly because it seems that developers rarely get their darn games right, and modders are on this Earth to turn games many games, more or less into what they should have been :) I have recently become very interested in modding for Half Life 2, because like many of you out there, as soon as I saw the Source engine, I fell in love. I have been mapping for quite some time now, and I'm starting to step into the new waters of modeling and animating. I'd love to give my ideas some live, and make them more tangible, in a sense. I'm excited to now be part of this community, and hopefully soon I will begin posting some artwork as well as some mod/game ideas and hopefully I will be able to aid in putting some killer mods out there that will be fun and most importantly won't die.

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