can this wait a sec, im callibraiting the weapons" hi im Bocobobaguy im an 20 year old gamer (edited) i love to watch animes and some times tv but mainly games i do listen to music as well its mainly around rock, heavy metal, metal if you whould like to play coop with me go ahead most of the time im willing to play! im a real nice guy all around im cool if people are insulting me im VARY easy to scare so watch out (thats if im playing the horror game or game!) so that about sums me up in about 510....i think i dont know! but if you whould like to add me go right ahead dude or gal!

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Combine Combat

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this mod is amazeing its so awesome you should download it NOW its awesome! the fact it adds more things such as going to new places in ravenholm and highway 17 is just epic the modder did a amazeing job on this, and plus the fact he added new weapons new areas and new stuff is even better so far im on highway 17 with the "M75 SNIPER RIFLE" its pretty glitchy but cool looking

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