Yo whats up peoples of the internet ^^ Im Black, but you can call me Jon. I love to get mods for games, its a symbol of the passion of gamers loving their games, and wanting to add their own creative twist to it ^^ I have SW: EAW and FOC for my comp. I want to get other games for my comp, but im not sure what to get, so some advice on what games to get would be helpful. Im interested in getting the C&C series ^^.

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Time for a change

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Well as of now im going to start posting me playing modds i get for my starwars empire at war and maybe AoEs. as long as i have permission from the owners, ive gotten a complaint before on YT about it. and i will also be posting minecraft videos as well, of what im not sure but i will be. more games to come other then those ^^ THANKS

Gamestop, Xbox 360 bundle

BlackDanaraki Blog

yo out thers peoples of the internet, I come to you with a dilema ( cant spell worth a crap -.-")

Gamestop has a new bundle for the Xbox 360 elite. Comes with Xbow 360 elite, two wireless controls, headset, month description for Xbox live, and a racing game ( cant remeber title) and Halo3: ODST, plus a $50 gift card to game stop for about $300 online.

Now i want to know is it worth it? Cause im at a lost for either the Slim PS3 or the Xbow 360 Elite? Which one, telll me or reasons for the counsel ( please note i already have a Wii)

Thank you ^^

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