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My Wesnoth article is FINALLY done! Unless there's something really wrong with it that I missed. I hope not because after a month and a half I don't want to do much else to it. I've already gone through more revisions than I care to remember, the latest one was to cut out about 500 words. Remember those 500 word essays you had to write in school, and how you thought "500 words?! How am I suposed to write 500 words about Pengines?" Yeah, I didn't have that problem. I'm not against being comprehensive, but the gameplay section of my artical was truning into a manual. Also I don't want to be significantly over 2000-2200 words, as that's probably longer than most people will want to spend when they just want to get the general feel for the game.

Anyway, I'd better get some sleep. Tomarrow I may start on my next artical, if I have time. If not, Monday I go to WAR! (that's a hint)

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