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4 comments by Blood-Evangelion on Sep 1st, 2013


Hope you are not wasting your time to download the mods here. That's why i am made this blog for you to know you how the amnesia the dark descent gives you boring. In because from this site, you have no idea for random mods made here. I'm not modder but i had many ideas that i want share you.
First, the mods list from amnesia get uglier and easily increase due to random mods like pewdiepie mods, teleporting naked guys mods, nonsense story, not Creative (This is my hates) and more. Then, make sure that you must read the description first from the top of mod if its interesting for you or think the story make sense. Finally you must look my list here (I don't like being arrogant but i want put my opinion here): 

- A House 
- A House 2
- Alone and Forsaken
- Amnesia Jane Live Story Part 2
- Amnesia: The Forgotten Castle
- Amnesia: The Nightmare
- Amnesia: Tortures of Soul
- Amnesia: TenenteMors Revenge 2 and 3
- As Expected
- Better Go Alone
- Black Mansion
- Brain Washed 
- CinnamonToastKen Escape Part 1
- Darc Castle
- Didomaggik
- Diet Sodapoppin
- Epic Turky
- Find Stephano
- Gloomy Mansion
- Goodbye With Home
- Grandfather's House
- Great Enlightment (So gay)
- Grueling Adventure
- It Begins Slowly
- Jane Live Story part 1
- JM Castle
- Kept in Nightmare
- Laberinto Infirma
- Mane Six Mod (The stupid dirty ponies)
- Marcell Davis Horror Castle
- Martin Survival
- Max's Nightmare 1
- Max's Nightmare 2
- Maxx Survival
- Modern Amnesia
- No one will remember him
- Number 1
- Osvaldo-l'enigmista
- Pewdiepie Revenge
- Pewdiepie and Stephano
- Pewdiepie's Brother
- Pewdiepie's House
- Pewdiepie's Survival
- Phengophobia 
- Pitch Black
- Redemption
- Rotting Prison
- Scary Barrels
- Scary Barrels 2
- Scp-087-B Amnesia Edition
- Shulle
- Stephano And Gonzalez
- Stupid Barrels
- The Dark Secret
- The Dark Troll
- The Dolan's House
- The House
- Time To Die
- Troll Story
- Useless Creepy World
- What is going on?
- xTenenteMors Revenge VS Player of Amnesia

Thats all.. But if you have any opinion, suggestions or questions, lets comment here and i reply it :)
The other mods that i never put this list, i thought they're make sense and have decent.


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