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Big Bunker Studio is an indie game developer team based in Malaysia. The team consists of just two persons: an awards-winning artist and a no-award-winning half-artist-half-programmer hybrid/weirdo.

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STGCC 2012

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The next day, we woke up very early in the morning and straight away packing up and prepare for the exciting event!

Must not forget the passes!

After that we toured around the beautiful city and had our breakfast at a hawker stall.

After that we walked for some distance and took MRT trains to reach our destination.

Throughout the 2 days event, we estimated there were more than 800 visitors who stopped at our booth and tried our game. We roughly know the number because all the 500 brochures that we brought to the event were all almost given away within the first day, and we had to reserve some for the next day!

…and the winner for the best play tester award goes to… this guy!

We would like to give a big thank to those who visited our booth and gave valuable feedbacks for us to further improve the game! Thank you! :)

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STGCC 2012 – A Day Before

bigbunkerstudio Blog

On the 31st August, Bram and I went all the way to Singapore to showcase our first game – Waa Cha! to the Singaporeans. We booked a booth at the STGCC 2012 convention (Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention) which was held at the Marina Bay Convention Centre.

We took the early morning bus and reached Singapore around 3pm.

The first thing we did when we arrived in Singapore was checking into the hotel, put down all the luggages and rushed to the convention centre. It’s not easy to travel from one place to another while carrying so many things with us: a Mac Mini, LCD screen, keyboard, mouse, cables, posters, tripod stand, brochures, name cards, and so on…

And then… had fun setting up the booth!


After that, at night we walked around the area near our hotel, get some food and called it a day. We were extremely excited about the next day!

If you are interested in our journey of game development, please follow us!:
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