I'm just your average guy who enjoys playing all sorts of fun indie games, horror and anything to do with zombies are deffinatly some of my favorites. I'm always trying to make games better.

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Epic Inventor

Game review

The game is good, it definatly does have replayability if thats even a thing, but I have a few problems. The swors and any melee weapon is HUGE when you attack with it. Yes I know thats great for range, but it looks terrible. Also It needs more items I've only played for a week or so and iv'e already creeated everything I wanted. If you need ideas for items pm me I have plenty! Additions to the map would be nice like different landscapes. Also you should add in instructions on how to set up multiplayer in the main menu. Good game keep updating it fixing things like this.


Zombie Grinder

Game review

It needs an update with more items (Guns/heads/equips) there should also be an option to spawn with 3 weapons. I think alot of people would enjoy that, but as for right now needs a few more weapons at the least because the explosive double barrell is getting old... other then that 10/10!

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