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First off, they are very loud. And when I mean very loud, I don't mean going into a mall shouting "HEY GUYS! WATCH MLP! WATCH IT! IT'S SO GOOD!" kind of loud, I mean going into an airport covered in MLP merchandise blowing a fucking trumpet and screaming the MLP theme tune while screaming "PONY POWER LOVE AND TOLERATE! IF YOU HATE IT FUCK YOU ALL!" while going up to people and shoving merch into their luggage. That's what they do. They force it on you, they literally force it. For example: Forum posts. A guy says "Hey, can someone help me with this game? I'm stuck on a level" and a ponyfag comes up with 4 fucking .gif signatures and a pony avatar/profile picture and says "I bet Pinkie Pie knows, do you? :D" and then more ponyfags from another forum raid the post and start fucking roleplaying. And to add insult to injury, KIDS. CHILDREN are now taking to this fandom, not because they truly like it, it's because they want to fit in with their friends who are also bronies. Apparently, a 10 year old boy tried to hang himself for being bullied at school for liking MLP. I feel sorry for him, but seriously, how would they know? Unless... He was parading himself as a brony! It's the only way. That, or someone told the bullies. They showed a picture of the kid in hospital cuddling 4 fucking pony plushies while having pony dolls stacked on a shelf next to him, like he NEEDED them to be alive. And that's another thing, they're so melodramatic. They act like EVERY FUCKING MINUTE of each episode is filled with drama and comedy and sadness. IT'S A FUCKING KIDS SHOW! KIDS SHOWS DO NOT HAVE DRAMA! What's next, some spongebob fan's going to cry because Patrick got hurt? Aww. NO.

Right, 2nd reason. The only thing they can do is troll, honestly. That's the only rewarding thing about them, they're good trolls. That's all.

3rd and final reason is summed up in one sentance: Original Characters. They think that they're SOOOO good at art and drawing that they have an excuse to post this crap. Here's an example: Fc00.deviantart.net As you can see, this person cannot recreate their own characters and based this off an already existing pony. And on top of that, all the creator does is change the skin colour and a few other things and then apparently 'That's art.' Ever heard of Copying? And they always deny the word copying and call it sharing or some shit.

One last reason why they are stupid, that is their so called "Love and tolerate" rule. But they fail to tolerate anti-bronies and constantly talk shit about them. We hate them for a reason, and they're so god damn ignorant. So ignorant to the point that they deny their miscomings, and call all their wrongdoings as "Some people, not all". I have seen that almost ALL bronies are assholes.

That's it for this blog, hopefully I never have to do this again. PS. If you call this stupid, you are a ponyfag, and you deny everything you've ever said and done as the right thing to do. Plus, this is a RANT. What I've said may vary in truthfulness but it is my point of view, and not anyone else's. Thanks for reading, if you did. If you didn't, say "TL;DR LOL FAG" and I will get back to you. Cheerio!


And who may you be?

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