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I just realized I haven't logged into this account and actually looked at anything in here for about a year now. I wish I hadn't destroyed that old bunker map. However, I'll get to start over in the next month when I get my new computer for college. That little guy will be able to anything, probably be able to rip a new horizon in the time/space continuum or something along those lines, if not that, it'll be able to run Modern Warfare 2 at a surprising 130 fps with the maximum settings. My little old iMac can barely breach 30 on the lowest possible settings.

Well, college starts in two and a half weeks. Yay, Armstrong!

Bunker Zombies

Battleroid Blog 2 comments

It is not much at the moment, but I am working on something simple that myself and I hope others will find fun to play. Its production name is, 'Bunker Zombies.' It's pretty simple, you are given a few select weapons that are found throughout the map (some must be earned after a given number of kills), and your objective is to a activate the power switch and see how long you can last. I don't want my little project to be something that dies after about a month and I certainly don't want it to be something that is too generic. I really do want to get it working and looking great. However, before I add any gameplay oriented mechanics, I want to fully nail the aesthetics of the entire area.

I'm not sure if I will have to make this into a modification or not, hopefully not, I want to steer away from coding as much as possible. So I am trying to compress everything into a singleplayer map. I would hate to make an entire modification for maybe one or two maps and nothing more.

Overall, this is something new for me, as I've never concentrated on appearances and layout before attempting anything related to playing the level. Well, let me rephrase that, I've never thoroughly thought about how the player will interact and use the level before testing it. So hopefully the first and second times I run it with NPCs the only thing to fix is the NPCs and minor issues.

Thank you for listening and be sure to check once and a while some new material.

Casey Weed

EDIT: I've named it now as 'The Underground Bunker.'

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