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Yesterday was the day the world stopped to watch one of the biggest events in the world, The Super Bowl, Baltimore Ravens against San Francisco 49ers, the fight between the Harbaugh brothers. That was one of the best Super Bowls I've ever watched. 1st quarter, Ravens start with a touchdown, and soon scored the extra point. Kaepernick and his attack advanced only some yards before scoring a field goal. End of first quarter, and start of the second, Ravens scores another touchdown over the 49ers, and they start to feel the pressure on their shoulders. At the two minute warning the 49ers scored a field goal, end of the second quarter, Time for the Half Time Show with Beyoncé, watched by 74 thousand people in the superdome. Starts the third quarter, and is made one of the most beautiful plays I've ever seen, with the kick-off, Jacoby Jones runs like a ghost through everyone on the field and scores a touchdown for the Ravens, that was incredible, Jacoby Jones made the Longest Play in Super Bowl History. But then an unexpected surprise, the energy of the Super Dome is over, leaving everyone in the darkness. That can't happen in the biggest country in the world, and during the Super Bowl, damn. In 36 minutes the lights are restored and the game continues with a great improvement in the 49ers, Conlin in a great pass of 31 yards to Crabtree scores a touchdown for the 49ers, when only 5 minutes are remaining for the end of the quarter the 49ers score another touchdown by Gore. End of the third quarter and beggining of the last quarter, a lost ball of the Ravens resulted in a Field Goal for the 49ers, 28 to 23. Ravens, in a desperate play scores a field goal, 31 to 23, however the 49ers scored another touchdown getting near the Ravens, 31 to 29, in the last advance of the 49ers, they don't manage to get a touchdown, the 49ers's coach, Jim Harbaugh complained of an insured against Crabtree who went to receive the ball, but the judges did not give. With only 10 seconds to end the Super Bowl, the Ravens in a intelligent play held the ball in their end zone, scoring a safety for the 49ers, but then everybody knew the Ravens would win, they punt the ball and, the game was over! Everybody yelling and shouting "Ravens Ravens!", the Ravens were for the second time champions of the Super Bowl! The 49ers were sad, some with their heads down, others crying, but that's what Super Bowl is, a big match with the two biggest teams that gathers everyone one more time for a game that stops the world. It was also the last game of Rey Lewis, Raven's Linebacker, now he ends his career with a title!

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