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Well, I have to admit that I'm really excited for Crysis 3, but not that much, let me explain.
Crysis was that "Awesome" game everyone and every time were burying your ears about, "Those graphics are fucking awesome! it's more realistic than the real life!". But let's have a little sense here, Crysis series is the kind of game I call "Benchmark", why? Because it's only propose is the graphics, to see if your pc can handle those next gen graphics. But I'm not saying that the game is bad, actually, the first one has a new sub-genre in gaming, a nanosuit, that never was used before, it's power, agility and ability to cloak is totally awesome. The second one though, didn't surprised for two reasons: The graphics are not so badass as before, actually some things are really annoying like the motion blur and the story, it was bad, real bad. Because of this I have this "trauma" in Crysis games, but I still have hope for the third one, the new co-op mode "Hunter" , the new storyline that I hope be better that the first and second ones and of course the graphics, it's not, in my opinion, graphics that have surprised my eyes, though is DX 12, BF3 graphics looks a the moment the same, even better but I'm not going to be, forseeable, but I still enjoyed the frog animation on the new Cryengine 3 trailer. If the series are good? Not at all. If I hate it? No. My preferred? Definetely the first Crysis. If it's worth? If you have a good PC, then yes.

CryEngine 3 Demonstration: Youtube.com

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