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I am Kaela Mensha Khaine a god walking amongst mere mortals :) but for serious lets start more respectively by saying my real name. So my name is Bartek I am from Poland and what i can say about myself at start is that friends like to call me Bardock and it would be easier for you all to call me like this rather than typing whole KaelaMenshaKhaine :P My activity on moddb began somewhere around year 2007 as a guest for 4 years mainly focusing on Bf1942 and BF2 mods. My priority always was Forgotten Hope mod for Bf1942 later it was FH2 and I made my account (it was Dec 2011) for the purpose of making my votes on top 100 of the year to be more worthy. Before KaelaMenshaKhaine this account was named BardockFH2 and beacuse of fact that i was so much impressed and interested in Ultimate Apocalypse mod for Dawn of War Soulstorm since December of the last year i have decided to change some things including my account name and finally adding some content to it. Why i have chosen such a long name for my account? Few years ago when i had a chance to play DoW i was really amazed by how much different every faction is and by fact that game included not only diversity between numerous factions but also lots of awesome content without sacrificing ballance. I have tried every race and when i first saw Avatar of Khaine i knew that my soul will be sold to Eldar :) Khaine was main purpose of playing Eldars for the first time. I think that i was more amazed and buffed by his presence on battlefield than my Eldars LOL later i gathered some experience and i moved to playing Tau as i found out that i am not good enough at micro to handle Eldars properly, i felt like i am holding them in point without giving them the option to fully open their wings. After few years and two more race switches (DE and IG) i have found UA mod which made my favourite game character to rise again. Being always impressed by creation of Khaine and copying the idea of Kimberly Katelyn with naming himself TheGod-EmperorOfMan (which i really like :D ) i decided to name the account by the name of the mighty Eldar god of war. Thats all for now i can tell about myself and my hobbies, naturally they werent always games but thats enough for now :) Now please enjoy my background music which comes from Prince of Persia Warrior Within made by Stuart Chatwood and expanded by wickedslicks1003 (YT account) to longer version which i finally was able to set on my account page with help from Angel_of_Death2 once again thank you sir.

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BlessedOne Apr 14 2014 says:

hey connect to hamachi to
server: ssapocalipse2
pasword: ss
. You could beat me or soulstormfan ;)

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SouIstormfan Mar 13 2015 replied:


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BlessedOne Feb 21 2014 says:

Nice song bro :D

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KaelaMenshaKhaine Creator
KaelaMenshaKhaine Mar 1 2014 replied:

Yeah Thx :D

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BagaturKhan Feb 16 2014 says:

Pane Khaine, I'm your servant! We all are your servants! Lead us and give all Eldar victory! ;)

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KaelaMenshaKhaine Creator
KaelaMenshaKhaine Mar 1 2014 replied:

Crush, crush the enemy! Their ashes will litter the battlefield.

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emphan34 Sep 15 2013 says:

So you love for the eldar was ignited by Dawn of War? Mine was aswell, but it wasn't until I played Warhammer 40k tabletop with my own Avatar of Khaine, watching him cut a swath through enemy ranks with melta and flame weapons bouncing off him that I truly felt the awesomeness that is the eldar :)

Farseers melting peoples minds with mind war is pretty epic aswell lol

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BagaturKhan Aug 21 2013 says:
Hey! Do you love Polish techno, My Lord?

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KaelaMenshaKhaine Creator
KaelaMenshaKhaine Oct 28 2013 replied:

No man, I am sworn to the metal \m/

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Maajki Jun 9 2013 says:

Siema, co tam ?

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KaelaMenshaKhaine Creator
KaelaMenshaKhaine Jun 9 2013 replied:

A w porzÄ…deczku :) Od dawna grasz w Dow SS ?

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