hey you guys ! im new but im sure ill get used to it ! :D i love games by Bethesda and valve ! got any questions on fallout then im your guy ;) i know literary everything about it and ive modded it for xbox :p feel free to follow me on fb or email me if you have any questions fb: baii griffithhs. emails on show :)

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Hi guys, baii here wanting to help all you gamers out there with fallout mods/game issues and any other games you guys feel the need to talk about and discuss on the page :) As like many i am a true fallout players its possibly the best game ever ! :D i can remember when i got number 3 for Christmas 2008 i was on it for 26 hours straight... then realized i could mod it to make the whole game a lot better and later did it for fallout new Vegas. So that's what i'm here for ! tbh i think the games are amazing but if they took in the consideration of the fans then they could be a whole lot better ! they should listen to what the fans want to give it the extra experience we need. now i know you may find this blog boring... but i want to get my points across the fans and players could help them improve the game so much ! take 'return to castle wolfenstein' for instance that game was epic i still play it ! i first played it when i was 6 and loved it. now that was a game everyone could enjoy it had everything .. sure the graphics are outdated now but at the time it was like heaven ! now the campaigns today are lacking the long sweat filled campaign which leaves you on edge wanting more ! now i'm only 15 but i've been playing video games since i was 4 the first game i played was resident evil 1 for PS1 now that game was great ! but modern games today rarely leave us satisfied and in some cases just plainly fed up :( they really need to think back to the early 2000s were games had a long lasting campaign which left you feeling amazing once completed ! i want to have great convos with the gamers like you and me and find out what you enjoy about the games you play ! as i start to write these blogs more and you help me we can make this group amazing ! please join ;D thanks see you soon

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baii's daily discussions for the games you love !

baii's daily discussions for the games you love !

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hey guys as you can see im new here by looking at my home page :) ! anyways ... im here for you ! if you have any questions relating to fallout or any...

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