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awsm92 Dec 7 2012, 1:16pm says:

Trollie Mollie !! I may vote for this on the TMOTY (Troll mod of the year) rofl I'd've rated it 1/10 for sure (as usual for troll maps), but I'll give you 2/10 just because of DAT ending haha "I'm takin ya str8 to hell wit me sukkaz"

+1 vote   mod: Redemption *CHAPTER 1*
awsm92 Dec 4 2012, 10:43pm says:

Omg.. ok is this custom story a joke? I just wasted a whole hour of my life.. I just WASTED a whole hour just because of your lame attempt.. Where the friggin hell do you find the bucket of water? I have a key(which suposedly "opens the cellar"), a crowbar & a hammer & don't have the faintest idea what I should do next?!? I've never ever been so clueless..And those CHEAP scares...wut da hell were you thinking ese?? You gotta try better than that lmao You deserve less than 1 as far as rating is concerned. Nexxt time either stay away from the lvl editor or be friggin serious & don't fkin play around with the level editor, creating such crap. Rating : 1/10...Better luck next time :X

-4 votes   mod: The Mix v1.3
awsm92 Nov 28 2012, 10:05pm says:

Oh forgot to mention I decided to listen to you & click on the door instead of using the key on it & BOOM I found the FUS RO DAH easter egg. That was FRIGGIN AWESUM !! lmfaoo xD It totally made my day ! 10q for dat :>

+2 votes   mod: The Castle of Eberfield
awsm92 Nov 28 2012, 7:55pm says:

*Things I like about this custom story :
- there are voice actors(seeing as most custom stories don't have that xtra)
- it has a storyline(something that is a must in custom stories)
- a lot of maps to go thru(exploration ftw)
- a rather long one(which is always nice ofc)
- the it's been a long time since I saw a *nice* ending idd...When it said "I've escaped...but wait a min.." I was xpecting you to turn around & see a monster facing you & boom, dead meat lmao That's been too overused D: Glad to see you didn't do it too :)

Things I don't like about this custom story :
- the Dungeon map was annoying, hard to figure out what to do...despite having completed 95 custom stories so far, my xp didn't help lmao
- LACK LACK LACK of monsters, patrolling ones etc. Cmon dude, srsly? There were like 40 keys, some tools/jars/ingredients/orb pieces & after picking them up, nothing happens? No servants coming, rly?..Place some friggin servants..! It was somewhat boring playing thru with little to no monster encounters. The jumpscares with the barrels/naked bodies were cheap (as usual), too over(ab)used *sigh* Next time put some more REAL monsters instead of putting cheap jumpscares, it's just annoying rly..

Btw I found 2 easter eggs I think, the 1 in the Dungeons(with the grunt & the wardrobe) was hilarious lmao
& btw when I tried to break 1 of the windows leading to the 1st easter egg, the window disappeared lol I broke the next 1 instead xD
I see that's your 1st map so this is my feedback & some tipsies for you ;>

+2 votes   mod: The Castle of Eberfield
awsm92 Nov 25 2012, 8:43pm says:

Oh nvm I just looked into the custom story music folder :)

+2 votes   mod: Darkness Insanity
awsm92 Nov 25 2012, 2:58pm says:

Dude what's name of the song in the credits? Waiting for chapter II :>

+2 votes   mod: Darkness Insanity
awsm92 Nov 17 2012, 8:43pm says:

I really liked this custom story :> When's chapter 2 coming out? :P
That grunt on the balcony was supposed to push me off the ledge right? Because he didn't, he just stood there staring at the distance xD I jumped off by myself ;D And 1 awkward moment : In the Machine room, when the grunt was coming to my room, I hid behind the shelf in the small room & after that I thought I wouldn't be able to get out, but I did eventually xD It was funny idd :D I'm really glad finally a custom story that's possible to finish, because the last 2 custom stories I played were buggy to the extent that I had to give up playing, due to crashes, untouchable buttons, etc. If you wanna check my playthrough, my Youtube username is SeekJesus18, I'm already looking forward to chapter II ! ^^

+2 votes   mod: a Shade of lavender: Chapter 1
awsm92 Sep 24 2012, 6:44pm says:

I've completed all the 3 chapters of The Silent Hallways, & I'm impressed ;p I like the custom sounds/music added in2 this custom story. And those ponny-looking monsters xD "Is that you, my love?" haha The atmosphere is great, the ambient music is really cool, there's jumpscares(always nice 2 have). I recorded all 3 chapters as well, incl good & bad ending for the 3rd chapter ofc, my youtube channel is SeekJesus18. I've completed a lot of custom stories so far, so if you have any request, feel free 2 let me know ;] I voted 10/10 for all 3 chapters ;p Good luck with your next project ! Keep it that way ^^

+2 votes   mod: Amnesia: Silent Hallways - Chapter 3
awsm92 Sep 22 2012, 4:46am says:

Great custom story, really liked it ! Sad ending tho ;/ I don't think there's an alternative 1, or am I wrong? Keep up the great work ! 10/10

+3 votes   download: My Ladys Insanity
awsm92 Sep 20 2012, 11:44am says:

One of the BEST custom stories I've ever played, bear in mind I've played 70 so far ;] 10/10 ! Keep up the awesome work ;p

+2 votes   mod: I Dream
awsm92 Sep 19 2012, 7:21pm replied:

Yep, I completed it. A rather small 1 but still I like it...Even recorded it.Youtube channel : SeekJesus18, should be uploaded in a couple of hours ;] Btw There's a lotta monsters around xD I give you 10 pts ;pp Are you planning on doing a continuation? It'd be cool ;]

+2 votes   mod: Horror Cellar
awsm92 Sep 15 2012, 2:55pm replied:

10x but I've actually completed it already ;D Recorded it as well ;p There're 3 endings right? Got them on tape as well.. YT channel : SeekJesus18 ;]] It's quite long[took me 2 hrs 2 complete it, I like that] & it has the idea that I've always been interested in...the time machine ;D so I totally rate it 10/10 ;] Keep up the great work bro =]

+2 votes   mod: Out Of Time
awsm92 Sep 9 2012, 2:05pm replied:

THANK YOU for the step by step guide, but I'm stuck again xD After getting that teleportation rod located on the top of the shelf, I got back to the beginning, where the teleportation device is, & I inserted the tp rod in the slot, & now I don't know what to do. This may sound like a stupid question but what now? It won't let me enter the tp device, there's a magical barrier around it, what should I do? Help again pls? :]

+2 votes   mod: Out Of Time
awsm92 Sep 9 2012, 7:05am replied:

Need more instuctions, after following the trail of barrels I ended up nowhere, I followed the trail of sacks too & still don't see where to go...Just tell me the exact way to go, step by step, no need to worry about spoiling or anything because I spent like 2 hours & couldn't find a way to beat this part..

+2 votes   mod: Out Of Time
awsm92 Sep 8 2012, 5:05pm says:

I'm stuck at the part where everything is big, kinda reminds me of the map de_rats for counter strike. I've passed thru the first room, there's a flooded corridor, a room on the left, a room on the right, and straight ahead there's a metal door. How should I proceed further. Any help, pls?

+2 votes   mod: Out Of Time
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