I'm a 17 year old college student from the UK. I'm currently involved working with BrainBread 2, MESA-7 and my own mod Area 51. I love video games and mods. I'm also a very amateur modder, mapper, and voice actor!

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AkwardNerdRage Sep 28 2014, 12:40pm replied:

Haha thanks :D I really appreciate the support, however this won't go on Greenlight due to copyright issues and stuff. I'm merely using the Black Mesa assets to help with the creation and environment of my mod since it's change to source. For example the aliens, HL2 only has combines and zombies and didn't really fit :S

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AkwardNerdRage Sep 27 2014, 9:14am replied:

I love ideas like that :P It's good to see creative minds haha, well I won't reveal much of the main narrative, however cover-ups are a suggested theme within the mod :3

Originally I never wanted to have Black Mesa involved, however they do play a distant role in the mod. For example you'll see property owned by Black Mesa around places you visit, thinking "Why is there Black Mesa crates and scientists around here?" :P

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AkwardNerdRage Sep 3 2014, 5:49pm says:

Incredible artwork here, truly awesome! :D

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AkwardNerdRage Aug 4 2014, 9:03am replied:

Thank you :) Progress is slow, but we will get there aha!

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AkwardNerdRage Aug 3 2014, 11:58am replied:

Yes, yes we are. We will definitely credit any of the other assets used from other things. We mainly chose to use Black Mesa assets as it would help a lot to portray and build the right atmosphere. Essentially this is a mod for Black Mesa :P

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AkwardNerdRage Jul 16 2014, 5:42pm replied:

We doubt the mod will actually hit Greenlight. It's purely just a mod for fun with the intention of telling a story and having some fun!

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AkwardNerdRage Jul 16 2014, 4:59pm replied:

At the moment yes, I wanted to do so to capture the idea of the mod that I had in my head. I'm purely doing this for fun as well, if it becomes a problem however then I'll simply convert everything to default HL2.

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AkwardNerdRage Jul 4 2014, 6:45pm replied:


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AkwardNerdRage Jul 1 2014, 8:01pm replied:

Shoes? What is this foreign item? My feet are actually paws :o

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AkwardNerdRage Jun 24 2014, 9:19am replied:

Yeah, do take note that a lot of this is still very early progress, I will work on changing the skybox at a later date, it's kinda of a temporary placement.

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AkwardNerdRage Apr 1 2014, 6:58am replied:

Thank you ^.^ I'll be posting a little update soon to reveal some cool stuff!

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AkwardNerdRage Mar 31 2014, 9:45am replied:

Thank you! It's tricky as I'm the only one working on it but the good advantage of that is I'm gradually recognizing what each thing does and my knowledge is ever growing. x)

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AkwardNerdRage Oct 12 2013, 1:01pm replied:

I look forward to the feedback! :) I must a big thanks for you and others still supporting this mod after being in the lurk for so long!

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AkwardNerdRage Oct 9 2013, 4:32pm replied:

Yes. I can confirm that the mod is still under development. If you read the previous comments that were posted, it is stated that there was a break/pause in the mod's development. I'm picking up the rest of this mod and will be completely changing the original storyline as well as some of the ideas. I have devised a better storyline and I will reveal more in the next few days or weeks.

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AkwardNerdRage Jan 27 2013, 2:54pm says:

Also proof that the mod is still going and that some progress has been made. Youtube.com
It's an old video but it contains footage of the WIP Bridge map. Still a beta thing and needs a LOT of work but it portrays my initial idea of having a huge ***-alien fight scene on the bridge.

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AkwardNerdRage Jan 9 2013, 4:12pm says:

Hello trackers and fans of my mod!

I apoligise for the HUGE amount of time it's taken for this mod. But I NEED to explain some things ergently.

The reason I've not had time to do much is because I'm currently taking my GCSE exams at school. This requires a LOT of coursework and revision so I can get my grades in and stuff. Plus I've had a few medical problems, physically and mentally and my family have been having...."Complications".

Getting to the point, I apoligise for seeming to not be doing any more work on the mod. Truth is, I've not touched the mod since earlyier this year. Some say I've been to lazy, some say I'm another dissapointing creator. Ah tough, if you don't like my pace of work then go away, I work at my pace. Weather this mod takes 5 years or a week.

I aint giving up on this mod. I have the entire modding folder on my old PC that I plan to one day pick up and work on till I finish it. I promise a good mod. Right now I need time to find more modders, mappers, coders and get help from a couple of special friends.

This mod may seem dead for now but I won't be leaving it forever.
Think of it as a "Duke Nukem" mod.

Don't expect to see this finished in the next few months it's gonna take me a while but I want this to be a real kick *** mod, so my goal is to do that. I will start production on this later in the year after my studyleave at school. Thank you all so much for supporting and looking out for this mod I truly love you guys!

See ya for now guys! :3 Got a big surprise coming up at some point ;D

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AkwardNerdRage Jun 3 2012, 11:48am says:

Brilliant mod! :D I recently downloaded and played this and I loved it! It's great to give the game a cool boost and it helped me relive the nostalgia from this epic shooter! I loved the boosted weapons and the enemies too. Only one minor moan about it is those darn Kamikazes XD They were funny at first but now there so darn annoying lol. None the less, GREAT mod! :D

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AkwardNerdRage May 3 2012, 2:48pm says:

Can someone help me, when I start the game, the intro sequence plays, then for some strange reason as soon as it kicks into the first level, I cant walk or move, only look around! :C (I have the keys binded correclty, I'm not that derpish :L)

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AkwardNerdRage Apr 20 2012, 4:55pm replied:

Yes the music is made by me! :D And yeah I loved your prefabs! And the UFO was perfect for it, and dont worry I will be crediting the models to the people who made them!
As for the maps, yes I know how to make them, it's the detail I need to get right! And awesome prefabs!
As for the "horrible r_speed" I'm not sure what that is :S

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AkwardNerdRage Apr 19 2012, 5:30pm replied:

As a matter of fact, yes. I thought about it sometime ago and I really wanted to have a classical alien/sci-fi theme with space ships of some sort. I have a UFO prefab too! You'll see a glimpse of it in an upcoming video of one of many maps I'm working on! Also as a teaser *SPOILER*...one of the maps will involve killing a LOT of aliens on-board a huge mother-ship!

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AkwardNerdRage Apr 5 2012, 8:25pm says:

Yay the information i helped with ;)

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AkwardNerdRage Apr 5 2012, 4:53pm says:

I dont get it >.<

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AkwardNerdRage Mar 24 2012, 6:30pm says:

Mr.Gency, I know how you feel D:

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AkwardNerdRage Mar 13 2012, 2:59am says:

-Just a little notice-
Some people may be concerned that nothing new has been posted/uploaded. May I say that the mod is NOT dead, and let me remind you that this is my first ever mod which im working solo with help of a friend! I AM still working on it, I understand i keep posting stuff like this but I'm just trying to make sure that you guys dont lose interest.

Thank you,

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AkwardNerdRage Mar 13 2012, 2:51am replied:

lol, my bad, i type fairly fast so i sometimes miss-spell things. As long as it makes sense it shouldnt hurt nobody

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AkwardNerdRage Mar 3 2012, 6:41am replied:

I dont know how to change the weapon origin, believe me i want to and i have considered it. I got told it had something to do with coding and i dont code.

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AkwardNerdRage Mar 3 2012, 6:40am replied:

i dont plan on it being a dead mod. This is my first mod and so it might be a little bit rubbish but im really trying to throw in some cool stuff! Its gonna be more a watch-your-health-shoot-everything kinda game.

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AkwardNerdRage Mar 2 2012, 11:17am replied:

i think you just open it up when your in vhe

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AkwardNerdRage Mar 1 2012, 12:47pm replied:

To put the tank on VHE, simply put the tank bsp file somewhere you familiar so you know where it is, then whilst in hammer editor go to;
File>Open>(Find the bsp) then voila!
Hope it helped!

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AkwardNerdRage Mar 1 2012, 12:46am replied:

Ok firstly i didnt make the whole model, i simply retextured it using Jeds halfelife model viewer and paintshop pro and photoshop.

Heres the link to JHLMV Slackiller.com

And making a tank is a bit tricky, you could make it on Hammer Editor or download a prefab for it here Gamebanana.com

Hope it helped ;)

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