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0 comments by Firehose-Art-Monkies on Jan 25th, 2010

So I just got back from vacation, and production is already going strong at Fire Hose Games. We are preparing for GDC. I myself(Jacques) have been working constantly since I got back. I updated my website www.9dkid.com, check out my blog for some kick ass sh*t.

As far as SBS in development, we will be updating the site with new stuff and new features. Keep on the look out.

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0 comments by Firehose-Art-Monkies on Nov 17th, 2009

Jacques Pena hear..Senior artist at Fire Hose Games.

So, I have been recently playing Aion online which bleed-ed into my work day. So I havent played a MMO since senior year of college, I figured I grew out of the grinding stage, specially now with a career and responsibilities. But...No, I havent. It's like FF11 all over again, and dark days of lineage 2 and WOW. Its scary that I'm still capable of staying up for 3 days straight.

One thing I do appreciate, is the fact that now I'm mature, I can actually play these type of games right, strategically and smart. So, chances are that Aion will not be my last MMO, surely FF14 will be, maybe.

PS. I got kicked out my Guild recently.

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0 comments by Firehose-Art-Monkies on Nov 16th, 2009

Currently we finished a long crunch session in October. For production artist, it was a little discombobulating. Direction and conception was rethought of our current horizontal slice. All though in the end, the product was a fun, entertaining, and nicely well put together game..there was lot's to question and much art direction that needed to be re directed

So say the sheep, its early, and it times to get serious.

On a new subject, DJ HERO is the shizzzzz.

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0 comments by Firehose-Art-Monkies on Nov 11th, 2009

Fire Hose Games Art Team brain cells are frying due to developing a code/art system for making sheep's into wolves. But found out that these most humble of creatures, technically, are app'd to change willingly into these ferocious beast. Surprisingly sheep are uber strong, and makes fine lining. Once this change does take place, Fire Hose Games has great watch pootches to guard the door from allowing anyone to pass.

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