I am an active moderator on PiratesAhoy.net, home of the PotC Build Mod (and more recently, the Hearts of Oak project). I have made numerous contributions to the latest version of New Horizons, including porting new ships, upgrading old ones, and some texture and code work. I'm currently working as a 3D artist on the Hearts of Oak development team, creating ship models for the game. If you have any questions about PiratesAhoy!, the Build Mod or Hearts of Oak, please visit our forums at www.piratesahoy.net/forum for the quickest response.

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Ahoy mateys!

It's been a while since I've posted any news here, so I thought it was time to share one of my current projects with you.

Most of us at PA! believe that the stock POTC was fairly good, but it left a lot to be desired. One of the most glaring issues the game had was the poor quality of some of its ship models. While they worked well within the game's atmosphere and gave it some character, they just weren't realistic in many ways at all. In fact, some of the ships look like they were just made up based on loose historical knowledge.
However, we recently discovered that one ship was not so randomly generated as we thought. As it happens, the stock frigate appears to have been based on a real 18th century frigate of the Russian Navy! None of us saw that one coming, and if you don't believe me, check out these images here to see the striking resemblance yourself.

Now, as admirable the efforts of Akella's modellers may be, unfortunately their interpretation of this elegant vessel was not very accurate. The texture was very close, but the model itself just didn't do the real ship justice. Still, I was inspired by the mere fact that at least one of the stock ships had a real-world counterpart, and wished I could so something to improve the model.

It doesn't stop there, though. The same site linked to above provides the plans used to make the wooden model featured in the photos. That, plus the photos, is more than enough to rebuild the frigate to a much higher standard. So, having tampered with some of the game's models for some time (and more recently upgraded the stock 'Corvette' model), I decided it was time for me to take on a much more demanding project, and began work on this immense upgrade for the stock frigate.

UPDATE: The model is now finished and included in Build 14 Beta 2.3! See below for a comparison of the new model with the original frigate:

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Seregruth Sep 23 2013 says:

just a little question-do you use blueprints for your ship models or do you create them just according to a picture?

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sanytramakiavilan Jul 18 2012 says:

Can somebody knows how to fix issue when game just shut downs to windows while playng? More I play, more offten games shutdowns.
14.22 mod version

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Armada_ Creator
Armada_ Jul 21 2012 replied:

All I can really suggest is to delete the 'options' file in your main game folder, and to regularly defragment your hard drive.
You can get more detailed help on our forum: Piratesahoy.net

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CursedBlackPearl Mar 9 2012 says:

Sorry for bothering you mate i keep getting engine exe. run time error, my system says this:
Scanning current directory
Loading modules...
Loaded 0
Initializing CORE...
User Rised Exception
no 'engine.ini' file
Initializing CORE...
User Rised Exception

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Armada_ Creator
Armada_ Mar 27 2012 replied:

Ahoy, apologies for the delayed response.
The "no engine.ini file" suggests you didn't install the mod on top of the stock game (or something went very wrong during installation). You must first install the original POTC game from 2003, and then install Build 14 Beta 2.1 to the same folder, overwriting all necessary files.
I would also advise you to check that the stock game works first, before installing the mod. That way, if you have any more issues with the mod, it will help us to figure out what the problem is. Hope this helps ;)

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freackfelix98 Sep 10 2011 says:

hey can you send me the patch 5 please

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Armada_ Creator
Armada_ Oct 12 2011 replied:

Hi, sorry for the late reply. You might want to wait until our next full release, Build 14 Beta 2, which comes out in early/mid November. That will be the next most stable version of the game, and should hopefully stop giving you runtime errors. Sorry for the wait, but it will be worth it. ;)
In the meantime, have you checked out our tech support forum for help with Patch 6? Here's the link: Forum.piratesahoy.net

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freackfelix98 Aug 29 2011 says:

heeyy i have a new problem i have install the orginal potc and build 14 alpha full 1 and build 14 patch 6 and now came runtime error can you help me please i love this game and i will playing as you

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freackfelix98 Aug 25 2011 says:

heeeyyy can you say me the discrubtion frim the build 14 alpha 1 patch 6 i donĀ“t know why he game by my pc not work can you help me?????

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Armada_ Creator
Armada_ Aug 28 2011 replied:

It sounds like you need to have a look at our FAQ here: Forum.piratesahoy.net
If that still doesn't help, then have a look around the forum to see if any threads answer your question. Feel free to post a new topic there if you need some more help.

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