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davids_blood Sep 22 2004 says:

umm hi im like sending emails to everbody i dont even kno lol im bored :P add me or caontact me if u wanna

Later (David is my god)

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Tomato-Killer Sep 3 2004 says:

omfg teh hi O_o hi 2 you

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arghvark Creator
arghvark Aug 21 2004 says: ironic

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AttorneyAtPaw Aug 20 2004 says:

I just want you to know that it's not the fight you and I had. It's the fact that fat ignorant, idiotic computer retail store workers like Cheapy, ruin this for everyone. I wish him nothing but misery throughout his entire pathetic fat cupcake eating existence. He is the pedophile in every church. He is the sharp slap on a first date. He has ruined this site for me and everyone I know. I like you but you like him. I think he is a big fat stupid opinionated moron.
He had some skill when DOS was new. Now, however, there is GUI and his skillz suck ***. So, I don't come here because of him. There are some kick *** mods out here and other sites but I go to those as he and his big fat smelly wretched *** is not there. By the way, he has my telephone number but is such an effin p*ssy, he won't call me as he is too scared to face a human adult.
If that was what you wanted to know, there you go.
I used to love this place but sick twisted whiny little ***** like him make me puke my ancestors guts out.

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Tomato-Killer Aug 14 2004 says:


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Cj_the_Dj Jun 29 2004 says:

lol, AAP got the wrong user. there's always that delete post button :paranoid:

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arghvark Creator
arghvark Jun 23 2004 says:

Why is the below under my name? Why do I even care and who are you talking to?

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AttorneyAtPaw Jun 22 2004 says:

Quote: By CheapAlert
Date Tue 22nd, Jun 2004 @ 4:54:09pm

Makkon - That guy, and his friends GUNrunNER and Carni are ******** to my mods.


We're ********? Because I gave you an informed opinion of your mod? I am not even going to bother flaming you. I was just hoping that you could get over that I personally hated your mod. Please, stop insulting me here and on your own lame blogs.
Seriously, dude/dudette or whatever, I am done having anything to do with you or your mods. I don't even reply to your lame insults half the time but this is going too far. Please stop being such an ignorant and rude person. I don't insult you yet you take the time to bitch about me and Carni and that ******* GUNrunNER every chance you get. Get back to what you do best. Whatever that may be. In the meantime, please stop insulting me. New Hampshire is so close that we could someday just bump into each other and wouldn't it be better to be friends or at least neutral towards to each other? It's a community and we don't have to like each other but we need to get along.
Thanks and again, please stop insulting us.
HP...BTW, call me anytime if you need to talk.

I'll send you my cell phone again. Maybe someday i can talk to you about your latest mod release and we can agree on something?

//me sick of your insults!

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AttorneyAtPaw Jun 22 2004 says:

Is it my ability to become less mature and act more like the people I am communicating with that spurs you to this landmark decision?
Could it be that I am not stuffy and reserved and actually take an interest in my sons life. I introduced him to computers when he was 3 and they have been part of my life for almost 30 years.

So, I guess there's no easy way to prove it to you but I don't know that you should worry about it.

I am 37. Carni is 16 and we both are online here. So, should I disbelive you because you have such a fascinating avatar?

And in any case, what does it matter?

//me does not care anymore....:dead:

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duckedtapedemon Jun 21 2004 says:


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