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Canyon, music and SFX

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One thing is certain: the feeling of a game can not ignore the sound segment. The simple act of jumping or pick up an object have a completely different flavor with a good sound effect.Or what about the music? A game situation immediately bought thicker with a soundtrack that can give rhythm and call the appropriate theme.So, tired of test Covenge in total silence, I've spent the last few days to do a bit of sound effects suitable for the game.I wanted to keep a retro feel to the sounds and the music, so I chose Bfxr and for sound effects, and PxTone for the music.Use Bfxr to produce the exact sound you have in mind is not easy but with a little patience and tweaking you can get good effects in 8-bit style. And with that sound that can not be maked with Bfxr there is (glory to him!) with tons of sounds and effects of all kinds (including farts), all FREE, and Audacity did the rest.For music is a different matter. As you can produce something just hacking on PxTone,in order to create melodies and arrangements that make sense, I had to take up more than once the guitar to choose the right chords. My little musical experience surely helped me a lot.But were not only days dedicated to the audio department.I created a new arena that I simply called "Canyon" (Original huh? XD). Here...

Drawing pixel-art tiles for the rocks was not easy. The tricky part was creating a vary rocky pattern but tilde at the same time, and that's harder to do than other structures such as bricks.Everything came out inspired by a lot of this kind of images (google.images i love you!)

I felt the need to give more variety to the experience overall. So I thought the train, a random event perfect for creating a bit of confusion (and cause more deaths).

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