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Game Review on Feb 2nd, 2013 - 1 person agrees

This isn't going to be a typical bandwagoner-fanboy review of "OMG SKYRIM IS DA BEST GAME EVAR". Why do I give this game a ten? Not because it's perfect, there's no such thing as a game that is perfect. It's because it has everything I want in an RPG. Sure, you'll see a couple of the usual snobs says it's the same gameplay as Oblivion with better graphics, but of course some of these people are likely to go and claim that Zelda is the best game series ever (do I smell a hypocritical fanboy?). But I can say that it isn't. For one, I own both Oblivion and Skyrim and they both feel like a different game to me. But, I will stop comparing it to Oblivion and review it objectively.
The story is decent, or should I say stories? The civil war and the actual main storyline both seem like a main storyline to me. Anyways, the actual main storyline is a hero's quest like you've seen in literally every RPG ever made, but it uses lore from the Elder Scrolls games to make it unique. The civil war really gets you wondering what side you should take, if any side at all. Both sides have their ups and downs, and you may decide to take neither of their sides in the end.
The freedom and exploration are almost unmatched by any other RPG series that I've ever played, as is typical of Bethesda RPGs. There are several factions to choose from, lots of small villages and towns to gain quests from; as well as Daedra Lord Statues, caves, ruins, and so on where you might happen upon a quest. There are quite a few skills that you can advance your character with. And because of the way the leveling system and world difficulty is set up, you can level up whatever skills you want with any kind of character you want. You can be a master of heavy armor and two handed weapons, and still start to level up light armor and archery.
I wish I could go on, but there is a character limit. Here's a link if you want to watch a great review of this game:

Battlefield 2
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Game Review on Feb 2nd, 2013

Great FPS game, needs a little work with hit detection, hit markers, gun damage but is overall one of the best FPS games I've ever played.

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