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There are several things to look forward to during 2012. Here are my favourite picks right now.

The Skyrim Creation Kit which lets us mod Skyrim will be released at the end of January. This is something I and many others have waited for for a long time. This CK will probably supply me with years of modding fun. I already have my next big mod planned and ready to start work on it, so the CK tool is my most anticipated this year, actually.

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Crusader Kings 2 from Paradox Interactive will be released on February 14. This is a grand strategy game where you guide your own family through the Middle Ages and keep them in power in your chosen nation. The system builds on Paradox' popular strategy games, like Europa Universalis, and promises strategy like never seen before. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this one.

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This gem is something I found today here on ModDB, really, and although its release date is december 2012 I must really mention it, because I'm already looking forward to the release of Malevolence really much. As a player and lover of the real RPG's that were released in the 90's, Malevolence will be a must. It plays on the same strings as old Daggerfall, with a massive world to explore and discover and some real in-depth RPG'ing inspired by the great classics.

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Star Trek Online has gone Free To Play, and as such I tried it out just because. I'm a trekkie. The gameplay isn't much, as it seems, and it's quite influenced by violence, shoot this, shoot that, as usual for online games, but I still sit there playing and enjoying this thing, and I guess, along with Eve Online, this game will be something I will waste countless hours on this year.

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