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0 comments by andy1942liu on Mar 17th, 2012

new ideas for a Sven Co-op map

With some fantastic SC4.6 new features, I can finally make a map like this.
Though the aiming is terrible, it's still fun.

inspired by an old arcade game - Die Hard, I have been dreaming of making this kind of map or mod for HL long time ago.

Report abuse Skyrim makes me stop mapping NMRiH

0 comments by andy1942liu on Dec 1st, 2011

Skyrim make me stop mapping NMRiH.
There were many maps released on NMRiH, but I have to play Skyrim instead of SourceSDK.

and OH MY! I only made a building with errors.

So I don't know what makes me typing in here, there's no one would see this. I probably just want to practice my English writing skill.
Anyway, today's random blog ends here.

Report abuse They told me to blog something

0 comments by andy1942liu on Nov 11th, 2011

After I released a nice map for CSS.
I decided to use the same idea to map for the mod "No More Room in Hell".
It's a small campaign and I might not use too much custom materials.

and blah blah blah....

and since my English writing is bad, this blog should ends here.
(anyway I don't think someone would actually see this)

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