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This game is addictive as hell.

You play a little droid that has to defend his malfunctioning lander against an evil corporation that sends monster at it. You have to control your little droid to build defensive towers and carry them around to where they are needed the most. While you carry them you can use them yourself. Later in the game you can buy a "rail" that allows you to carry additional two towers that you can't off load, you can sell them and buy new ones though.

I am only giving this a nine, because A, it is dangerously addictive, and B, some minor details. Those details are so minor that I don't feel they are important enough to mention.

The coop mode is a bit buggy and sometimes you find yourself playing with someone that is hogging all the strawberries you collect, but when I write this review the game is still in Beta, so they may well be resolved when the final version gets released.

Buy this game, but only if you aren't prone to addictions!