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0 comments by AirborneSn1p3r on Feb 23rd, 2013

In the year 2137 an inventor by the name of Dr Kiron Ambrose changed the fate of the human race for ever. By creating a device known as the Xenophon, named after the great explorer Xenophon of Athens. The Xenophon (or Xeno for short) was an experimental device which made space travel to the edges of the galaxy possible. It worked by causing the universe to shift itself while keeping an object static. This allowed probes and eventually landing craft to be sent out in order to search for new worlds to inhabit.

After a worldwide war the original Xeno was lost, and a second inferior Xeno was constructed. OEU (One Earth United) sent forces to the colonies to regain control of them. When they arrived they found three warring factions fighting for control of the colonies. The story takes place over 500 years later.

Report abuse One craptastic day...

0 comments by AirborneSn1p3r on Jul 25th, 2012

woke up this morning thinking it would be a good day, and then found out i would not be geting any weekly grant money for the course i am doing... I did not care thought aww well it could be worse and then i seen this:

Now this would be awsome, but..... today is the 25th!

So my tip of the day is: check your emails kids, you may miss somthing amazing! (or mabye just some funny cat pics :S)

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6 comments by AirborneSn1p3r on May 21st, 2010

It wasts a lot of my time looking through internet pages to find my groups to update them so to be VERY lazy im going to post them here... :)
C&C Westwood Fans
European Union
Starwars rogue squadron (this isint mine but i posted alot of the stuff on it)
1st gen gamers
2nd gen gamers
3rd gen gamers
4th gen gamers
5th gen gamers
6th gen gamers
7th gen gamers
pc gamers
Btw if any one wants to be a moderator for any of these groups ask here.

Report abuse C&C TD Vs C&C RA1?

3 comments by AirborneSn1p3r on May 9th, 2010

Hopefully over the summer a few mates of mine and me will be making a addon for eather command and conquer redalert or tiberium dawn, this will make a skirmish mode where you can play as gdi, nod, allies or soviets. this game will have all the diffrent map types as well with the desert maps from c&c 1 and the snow and indoor maps from RA1. This is more likely to be for RA1 as the AI in c&c one is really stupid and would need alot more work.

here is a sneek peak of what the game will look like:

i am not sure if we will make it but i will have a crack at it myself if the others decide not to do it.

Report abuse Log of attempts at getting people to sign the rs3d petetion

2 comments by AirborneSn1p3r on Apr 5th, 2010

Well i have nothing on this page so i thought i might as well rant through it about the RS3D petition LukAYJK started.

first thing i did was start my youtube , its the third one i have had. the first videos where my Vs walker videos, then some tutorial videos and then my walkthrough.

after this i asked mates to sign the petition and they did and then asked my mate connor to add a link to the petition on his youtube, he said no and his youtube would be a good bost with over 200 videos and alot of viewers and subcribers.... but jokes on him i have his password lol and im going to add it :)

i then went about asking all the large gameing youtubes to sign the petition and ask there fans to do the same. i asked the irate game but got blocked for calling him a sell out on one of his videos (the dj hero one) so no chance of him doing it. i asked the angry video game nerd, but fat cance he will answer. i asked bigsmilereviewes and he replied saying this:

Re:please read

Re:please read


im really sorry but i dont think the viewers will follow my advice to sign up. sorry.

i do not mind this but he did not even sign it...

i asked classic game room and got no reply even though he makes videos about every thing. i also asked AqualungGameReviews but have had no reply as he has not been online since before i sent hin the message. scratch that he its a pie and wont answer!! so today (being the day i wrote this) i asked him again.

have now wrote on my mates youtube please sign rogue squadron 3d pc fan petition

i also asked another mate on youtube who had over 3000 subscribers to make a video, he said yes but his account got suspended due to some copyright issues due to call of duty videos or somthing...

so after a lot of effort from both me and LukAYJK we have only got at this time 170 signers.

asked more people and got one reply from Aenlasias saying:

Np problem, I'll do it as soon as possible ;)


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