Hey there! Thanks for visiting. My name's Ahmed. I'm a gamer, tinkerer, and the owner of a hyperactive imagination. Many years ago, my parents wondered, "what's this Atari 5200?", and bought one. Something clicked, and I found myself addicted to video games... which was good, because I proceeded to grow up in the great cornfields of Illinois. Between the video games and school, I picked up a Dungeons and Dragons handbook at some point and became enthralled with that as well. I kept myself and my friends entertained with stories and games of epic proportions on the dining room table, rolling dice, slaying goblins, and burning villages. By the time college started, I was hooked on making up and trying out new scenarios and stories, both on the tabletop and as an amateur video game designer. By the time grad school was over, I was putting my creativity to use as my profession.

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AhmedAM Jun 17 2010 says:

Just started updating my moddb profile again. Maps, videos, and screenshots to come! :D

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AhmedAM Jan 23 2009 says:

Here ya go, give this a shot-

(Visual C++ Redistributable Package)

Also, make sure your DirectX and Video Card Drivers are up to date, as well as making sure Gears of War is fully patched.

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AhmedAM Dec 18 2008 says:

Not sure what the problem could be. The tilde key is usually bound to the console. Some versions of UT use Tab as the console button. Perhaps try that one? Are you pressing the tilde key at the menu screen?

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AhmedAM Dec 6 2008 says:

Right you are, not sure why it did that O_o Submitted a request to have it changed.

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