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{AGUT}gopostal Jul 10 2013 replied:

Email me if I can be any help my friend.

+1 vote   download: Bounce! V2.1
{AGUT}gopostal Jun 2 2012 replied:

Kaal! You thief, how are you? I hope you are enjoying your life in exile. Stolen any good mods lately? I enjoyed kicking your *** all over the UT forums, lets do it again sometime.
Love and kisses!

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{AGUT}gopostal Mar 4 2012 says:

Elvis is running a nicely configured server with a personalized version of this mod here:
If you are interested in trying redeemer play, give his server a go.

+1 vote   mod: Redeemer Mania
{AGUT}gopostal Jun 21 2011 replied:

If you want to play locally take the (the original one) out of the system folder and put it on the desktop. Don't delete it, you can put it back to use regular MH again. MH2 was designed as a replacement for this.

+1 vote   mod: MonsterHunt2
{AGUT}gopostal Apr 10 2011 replied:

I had the hopes that groups would (easily) update the mod to include clan logos and/or personalize it to fit their server. I agree it is a bit bland but that's by design.

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{AGUT}gopostal Dec 19 2010 replied:

It's in the download tab now. It might need to get full modDB approval first before it's available.

+1 vote   mod: MonsterHunt2
{AGUT}gopostal Nov 22 2010 says:

This mod is both compelling in it's design and also just damn fun to play. It's non-stop action from the time you spawn and the stats system makes every kill count. This is a tough game if you are low-level so expect to respawn a lot (there is no place to hide) but if you are a fan of the essence of UT: crazy FPS play, this mod is surely worth a try.

+1 vote   mod: Universal Soldiers
{AGUT}gopostal Aug 11 2008 says:

Heya guys. I run a site here:
(It will not let me put in an active link. Add www to the front)
which is a public mirror for all things invasion. It was started to host UT2004 files but I am creating a UT99 section. I'd appreciate any old files, links, or mods you have to add to the public pool. Once I get the UT99 section sufficiently large enough, it will get it's own section. Help me make a permanent spot for so many of these files that are slowly being lost to dead links and 404's. I admit I am totally a 2K4 player and I had no idea Monster Hunt was still a thriving community. I'd like to help out, and any assistance is welcome!

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