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AgeofChivalry Jun 10 2011, 3:49pm says:


+1 vote   news: Contagion - New Marcus & More
AgeofChivalry Apr 12 2011, 3:29am says:

Everything looks pretty cool except the character animations.

+3 votes   feature: Clastle: Gameplay Trailer
AgeofChivalry Nov 8 2010, 1:14pm replied:

Appreciate the feedback mate. I agree that it is difficult to discuss your own games flaws, similar to how its hard to be self-critical of your own personality or performance as a person. For myself and the team, I think there is a lot of similarities between the mindset of an athlete and that of a passionate game developer. Which is the effort to strive for improvement or self-enhancement each and every day. That is a path you can only go down if you are willing to be honest with yourselves and highlight your flaws, then work to address them. It's a philosophy that can be applied to almost all situations in life and it's certainly be a driving factor for the development of our team and our projects.

+4 votes   news: 32 Maps Released and A Reflection on Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Nov 8 2010, 1:07pm replied:

Hey Alex,

Appreciate the kind words! I too still think fondly on the testing sessions of aoc :).

We'll have need of our most dedicated and diligent fans such as you on the new project once we approach a closed beta state so make sure you keep an eye out for that news. We're eager to know what some of the true longtime aoc fans feel when they first get hands on with CHIVALRY.

Hope to see you on the battlefield,

Tibberius Bane.

+2 votes   news: 32 Maps Released and A Reflection on Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Nov 8 2010, 12:56pm replied:

Sire you are correct!

+1 vote   download: 32 Map Pack
AgeofChivalry Nov 7 2010, 9:23pm replied:

The news that we have moved onto a new project was released quite some time ago. The new project carries on the dream that was the mod and we believe it will allow us to truly create the game we and the fans always wanted.

This release is meant to support the aoc community, as was the grand tournament we ran previously. Age of Chivalry is alive and strong with over 500 players online at the same time during peak weekend hours. We love that people still enjoy our mod and hope they will love the new game even more!

+4 votes   mod: Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Feb 4 2010, 7:11pm replied:

Yes, Garry's MOD is not required to play, though you must be confused because our download files are not hosted on moddb.com. Age of Chivalry is distributed through STEAM and an active STEAM account is required to play.

Get steam here: Cdn.steampowered.com

If you already have steam and want to download Age of Chivalry: Store.steampowered.com

+1 vote   mod: Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Dec 24 2009, 12:14pm replied:

The animations are something we will continually update you guys on and yes videos will be released in the future :).

+1 vote   news: Siege Engineer and Animation Overhaul
AgeofChivalry Dec 24 2009, 12:13pm replied:

No, we're not actually using L4D content per say, just switching the animation handling over to the method they're using so L4D will not be required no worries.

+1 vote   mod: Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Dec 20 2009, 1:57am says:

Love all the progress I'm seeing here and can't wait for the new version. I would humbly suggest that you place more emphasis on the melee combat system at some point, it is an overlooked aspect in too many games already but can offer a ton of fun if done properly. Best of luck for the future!

+4 votes   news: Battlegrounds 2 Update: December 2009
AgeofChivalry Dec 17 2009, 5:23pm replied:

It will be a while until the next update, we got the game to a state where we had most of the foundations in place and now we are revamping pretty much everything. Its a price to pay in terms of time, but I can promise you that the next release will be truly worth the wait!

+1 vote   mod: Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Oct 3 2009, 5:51am replied:

From what i've seen of their mod it's a totally different direction than we are going. Considering they're both medieval games based on the source engine I'd have to say they're about as far apart as they could get. Not that thats a bad thing, just saying the two games are not really on the same path moving forward. Up to you to decide which one you like :).

+3 votes   mod: Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Sep 30 2009, 1:21am says:

The game is still in active production, but it is currently available to play via steam. Visit our website for more information on how to download the game.

+1 vote   media: Real-Time Strikes
AgeofChivalry Sep 30 2009, 12:23am replied:

We are certainly planning to add single-player elements to the game, but a full blown single-player campaign with story and multiple missions is not currently a priority. For the future... who knows!

+1 vote   mod: Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Sep 27 2009, 1:17am replied:

Not going to have to wait long!

+2 votes   mod: Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Sep 26 2009, 11:34am replied:

Perhaps the confusion here is coming from the fact that these articles we are posting are split up when they were originally meant to all go out together in the summer of mods and indies event that fell apart. I should clarify:

The team feels we are just now approaching the foundations of our game, with likely more work left over than we have accomplished today.

The team also feels that the game, in its current state still offers some of the best melee combat on the market. That doesn't mean we're stopping, quite the contrary, it means we have to keep moving to stay ahead of the game.

The next feature, likely to be release within a week or so actually outlines where we are planning to go in the future and how we hope to address some of the issues with the game in its present state. So it's not us "touting our horn" here for the sake of making ourselves look good, its just a reflection on where we feel we are today based on stats and the general feedback we've received from our community.

To make it ultra clear- Age of Chivalry is a work in progress mod that the development team is proud of its current state, but aware of many inherent problems with it as well.

+4 votes   news: Age of Chivalry - Where we are today
AgeofChivalry Sep 25 2009, 3:33pm says:

Good stuff, hope to see you guys bringing big changes in the future, this mod has a ton of potential!

+1 vote   news: Battlegrounds 2 version 1.5a Release Date
AgeofChivalry Sep 25 2009, 12:42pm says:

An excellent powerpoint presentation and summary. If a game or mod actually makes an effort to take these steps, it will undoubtedly expand their playerbase. I'd suggest the powerpoint to all would-be game development teams.

+1 vote   news: GDC Austin: Wolfire’s PR Tips
AgeofChivalry Sep 18 2009, 11:00am replied:

Fire arrows are something the team plans to include in the game at some point.

+2 votes   news: New Crusader Skin - Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Sep 15 2009, 5:26pm replied:

A crosshair will never be implemented in Age of Chivalry for melee or ranged. It does not have a place in the medieval world. So rest assured that your concerns will not come to life!

+8 votes   mod: Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Sep 13 2009, 4:24pm replied:

Haha, a humorous post and yes I can confirm the bots will sober up in the future. All kidding aside we are basically rewriting all the AI code to give them multiple personalities and a variety of tactics that will ensure they are not only twitch and glitch free, but that they give you a challenge on the battlefield. The AI improvements are a main aspect of the game's next MAJOR release, CR3.

+7 votes   mod: Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Sep 13 2009, 4:18pm says:

This is an ingame shot taken from the spectator camera, so this is 100% what it looks like ingame.

+1 vote   media: Aoc Cove Work in Progress Shots
AgeofChivalry Sep 3 2009, 12:58am replied:

There is actually a huge optimization and bugfixing patch coming in the next little bit so hopefully your main issue with the game will disappear shortly!

+2 votes   news: Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Sep 1 2009, 11:25pm replied:

I believe scents would have been relative and you would not necessarily smell a person from the middle ages stronger than you smell a person now a days, because the nose would adapt. But even if I'm wrong I think it's borderline lunacy to base gameplay decisions on that degree of realism anyway :).

I think we need to keep the ability to sneak up on opponents and use stealth as a element in the combat so I can't personally say I support that idea, what is it that you are trying to solve with this idea anyway? Seems a far cry from indication for hitting an opponent at range... Maybe, just maybe we could have something of a "swoosh" behind the sword that would help you see how far your weapon is reaching and allow you to adapt and learn better for next time should you happen to miss, something worth thinking about with the particle editor actually.

+4 votes   mod: Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Sep 1 2009, 6:56pm replied:

The website issue was only a temporary one which we have now fixed, thanks for the heads up. There are a ton of plans for the future of this mod, the team feels there is more work left before we even considering being done than we've accomplished to date.

The lighting issue has been resolved in an upcoming patch.

We actually have "OVERHAULS" planned for all of our maps so we can get them to a final state, as some of these projects are several years out of date! You can see a small example of this in stoneshill in the upcoming patch as well.

There is a timer, unfortunately it is cutoff at certain resolutions and this is something we're hoping to address soon, in the meantime you could always press "i" to get an update on the current time left.

Have you played recently? The objective icon indicators do a pretty good job of relaying not only what you need to do, but where you need to do it to win the maps, for the most part anyway. Maybe there is something we can improve here too though if there is still some confusion though?

Indication that you hit a player from range is indeed something we could improve, I'll make note of it and see what the team can brainstorm up!

+5 votes   mod: Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Aug 31 2009, 11:28pm replied:

Yes actually, we are currently in the process of entirely redesigning them. At the moment, the bots are less than intelligent and still believe they wield guns... We are working on some spiffy new AI that should give you a whole lot more trouble and fun to combat in a later version!

+4 votes   mod: Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Aug 31 2009, 11:26pm replied:

Sounds more like your having some fairly unfortunate connection problems, for a network intensive game like aoc I'd have to suggest playing in servers with less than 70 ping and ensure your rates are set appropriately, try opening the console and typing "rate 30000" , see if that helps any. I certainly don't feel it's fair to say everyone shares the issues you seem to have been experiencing.

+2 votes   mod: Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Aug 18 2009, 8:14pm replied:

It's likely that they are being saved, the thing is, your progress towards achievements will not be shown from the main menu, you have to check while ingame, after you have joined a server.

+2 votes   mod: Age of Chivalry
AgeofChivalry Jul 16 2009, 3:20am says:

and ears!

+1 vote   media: CR2 Images
AgeofChivalry Jul 15 2009, 3:22am says:

Stenchy, you have me all hot and bothered with your sexy announcer voice. Looking forward to seeing all the mods to be showcased... Also just wanted to let people known that Age of Chivalry will be featured in this event!

+2 votes   news: Summer of Mods & Indies IS LIVE!
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