I'm a young game developer, I used to spend my time making games with the scratch programming language, then I found DB and I was hooked, I currently have a game in production. Once that is done, I plan on making a 3d version of a game I made on scratch! I am also working on an ORPG!! If you add me on steam with the screen name I have listed I will show up as ಠ_ಠ!

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Sorry its taken so long!

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Its been a while...

Last time I made a blog post i was in deep development with my game... But I found out, the more i was getting done with my game, the less i was getting done with my grades. So i decided to take a break from coding to focus on school. However last time i checked the game dev is going pretty well. Sadly my X-mas break and spring break have already been taken with only 2 days that i could use for development. So you may not see the first stable release cantidate untill my summer break(middle of june to start of setember).

someone wrote: Great quality cannot be rushed

Jimi_Hendrix wrote: Purple Haze all in my brain seein things you don't see the same, wether im happy or in missery, whatever it was, that girl put a spell on me!

The game has been canceled and I am going to release the source code...

Game dev is going well, but...

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There is an issue with development

The game development is going well... There is an issue though, I'm still a student in primary schooling and the states standardized testing begins tomorrow... Game dev. may be postponed for a week or two until the tests are over, anyways, if I can ill release another development video iv'e been working on... Any how, this game may be available on Linux and Mac! I have found a way to make it so i can upload map packs for you(the user) to add to the game!!, but you will have to have DarkBasicPro to add the script and compile it... Any how, U guys got any suggestions for mazes?(you guys can draw them up in paint or photoshop then email them to me Anasion.theone@gmail.com)

So, What do you expect from the game? You can see a short preview on the video i posted in the games video gallery! go look! post in the comments on what you think about it!

My new game

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Aces maze

Just made the page for my new game, should i release the Source code after the release of the full game? LOL anyway, i don't like how it has to be aprooved by an admin >:| grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

That is a screenshot from my game, i know what your saying "wtf, he runs XP??" the answer is i do run XP, it works good for what i need, don't worry tho, the game will still work on your machine, i think, i tried it on a couple, another XP worked, so did a WIN 7, IDFC about vista, vista sucks(no offence) but it will still probably work, if not try it in compadabilty mode, if your modern-day machines can still do that...

Jeeze i just realized something, im doing something i despise, typing every thought that come into your head... LOL!!!!

It has been a grouling 3-4 days working on this game, and yet probably ill have to do another few, LOL... Ill read you my To-DO list

  1. working Character sprite & moovement controlls...Done
  2. Backround and Maze...Done
  3. Title slides with credits...Done!
  4. Get the Level transition working
  5. Set objective that tranfers level
  6. Get linemap working
  7. Game music!!...DONE!
i'm eating a apple right now... it looks like a pink lady, but tastes more like a Fuji... To wikipedia i go!!
OK so i looked on wiki, and it is a FUJI
Im going to go work on the game a bit more...

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