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Our team is looking for someone with strong skills in UDK/Unreal Engine 3. We need you to build an environment for our proof-of-concept, for the game "Bigguns", a third person shooter. Our plan is to bring a teaser of the game to Kickstarter/Indiegogo in October. Details will be disclosed to you in private.

Your tasks:

- create a small size map for testing, based on BSP layout. The area is urban, but it must look grown. Gameplay will have an emphasis on verticality.

- iterate layout(s) for the testing map. Adapt changes to team decisions made during test-sessions of the multiplayer game.

- build efficiently and organized (use layers, LOD, quality settings)

- request assets/concepts from our environment artist

- do the setdressing/lighting

This position is open to people, who have worked with UDK before and have a good understanding of the complexities of good mapping. Ideally you have been participating in mapping contests or worked on prior UDK mods/indie games. Please send a link to samples of your work.

We are a small but trained team that have known each other for several years, and we expect you to become part of our core team and participate in meetings and help shape the final design of the game.

***After the crowd-funding campaign we plan to expand the team and finally pay everyone involved.***

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