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Mafia Titanic Mod is looking for some new talented voice actors!
Due to resigning or inactivity of a few actors a few roles are now open for audition again:

Main Villain "Wilkinson" (1 role)
.Sounds around 40 years old
.Irish accent preferred

Ship's Officer (1-2 roles)
.British accent preferred

Passengers (1-∞ roles)
.Male/Female (Female preferred to balance the amount of male passenger actors)
.Age 20-∞

General Crewmember (1-3 roles)

If you like to be part of MTM's voice acting team, feel free to send me a PM with your full name, email address, and an audio sample for me to hear and check your voice before assigning.
Only when I have received this information I can assign you to your desired role.

Use of a condenser microphone is requested. If you do not own such microphone but your audio files appear of good quality nevertheless it is of course no problem. As long as it does NOT contain background noises, static noise, echoes or any other impurities. Audio itself must sound clear and sharp.

You can use this audio sample from the mod to compare your quality with:

Regarding the passenger roles. I already have a couple of male actors for this role. If you happen to be a female or know one with voice acting interest don't hesitate to contact me. I can certainly use such voices. After all, there were not just guys alone on the Titanic.

To Apply

Please send me a PM with your full name, email address and audio sample.

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