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Location: Portsmouth, UK - Looking for: Programmers

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Freejam is a new indie team comprising of 5 industry vets who want to develop games in a different way. Freejam is based in Portsmouth, UK where the team is currently developing Robocraft ( a F2P online game that is rapidly growing.

In order to meet the expectations of our players, Freejam is now looking for several enthusiastic and talented Unity Engineers to join our team and develop together Robocraft.


1. Being part of a totally flexible and passionate team
2. Building clean and maintainable c# code following Freejam guidelines
3. Make an awesome game


· Degree in Physics, Maths or Computer Science or previous strong experience in the game industry;
· Strong math and geometry knowledge;
· Experience in identifying bottlenecks and optimizing existing/new code;
· Excellent C# programming skills; C++ skills are highly desirable.
· Creativity and inventiveness;
· Be able to manage stress under pressure;
· Ability to work well as part of a team;
· Self-motivated with a strong work ethic;
· Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
· Good Debugging and Optimizations skills;
· Good Algorithms theory Knowledge;

To Apply

Please send your CV, portfolio and cover letter to

Portsmouth, UK
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